The Hasselhoff-Off

Part of Oktoberfest

Friday, October 5 · view days & times


Location: Oktoberfest Arena

The popular Hasselhoff-off returns for its 3rd year! Adored and embraced as one of their own, Germans can’t get enough of David Hasselhoff! What better way to celebrate an Oktoberfest event than by finding the best Hoff in the land? Hasselhoff-Off contestants will show off their Hoff-like good looks in this hilarious costume and impersonation contest. The Hasselhoff-Off starts off slow with a Baywatch-inspired slow-motion running competition. Then things get real interesting. The contest winner will gain eternal Oktoberfest fame and take home a prize pack that includes, among other things, a pair of red swim trunks. This event is FREE to watch and participate!

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Contestants must be 18 or older.