Cover Me! A Tribute to Tribute Acts & Cover Bands!

By Ben Youngerman, ArtsQuest Marketing Manager

Tribute acts and cover bands often don’t get the credit they deserve. Expectations are high when you’re playing well-known songs by the biggest stars on the planet. Recreating the sounds and performances of legendary artists can be challenging.

At the Musikfest Cafe presented by Yuengling, we recognize great musicianship regardless of whether a band is covering hits or playing original music. We think these groups are the best at being other bands (or putting their own spin on the classics). Let the good times roll with upcoming tribute acts and party bands at SteelStacks!

Classic Stones Live– 9/8 – buy tickets

Their jaw dropping resemblance to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards is simply amazing, but what truly makes Classic Stones Live™ unique, is their musical prowess, attention to detail, and the spot on renditions of all of your favorite Rolling Stones “classics”!

THE WEIGHT BAND– 9/14 – buy tickets

Performing songs of The Band, THE WEIGHT BAND is keeping the spirit and the music alive that helped define an era. However, they’re certainly not a tribute band. Members of THE WEIGHT were either actual members in The Band, or are directly and deeply connected to their legacy.

Box of Rain: Essential Grateful Dead of 68-74– 9/15 – buy tickets

Box of Rain is the classic six piece that pays tribute to the most prolific and finest period of the Grateful Dead, 1968-74. The band features a revolving, all star lineup with former members of Dark Star Orchestra, Living Earth, and Splintered Sunlight.

Craig Thatcher Band: Eric Clapton Retrospective– 10/6 – buy tickets

Craig Thatcher & Friends capture the spirit and soul of Clapton’s music with a very broad retrospective, beginning with Eric’s rise to fame as guitar-god in the Yardbirds, continuing on with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, CREAM, Blind Faith, Derek & the Dominos and finally covering his various solo periods.

TUSK: The Ulitmate Fleetwood Mac Tribute– 11/10 – buy tickets

TUSK, “The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute,” pays homage to one of the best-selling acts of all time. Take a trip down memory lane as this seasoned five-piece band delivers the essence of Fleetwood Mac and their musical saga since the ‘70s.

GO GO GADGET– 12/26 – buy tickets

Comprised of schooled and seasoned musicians, Go Go Gadjet is a burst of electric funk carried on the back of a thundering juggernaut of searing rock. They are the pulsing hypnotic thump of EDM, intertwined among the staccatto tattoo of hip hop.

LARGE FLOWERHEADS– 12/28 – buy tickets

The Large Flowerheads bring to life the musical sights & sounds of the ‘60s. Their repertoire includes numbers from The Beatles, Neil Diamond, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Sonny & Cher, The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Tom Jones, Mama & the Papas, The 5th Dimension, The Monkees & many more.


Much more than a Buffett cover band, Jimmy and the Parrots do play the “songs you know by heart,” but mix in some newer tunes as well as original songs written by band leader Jimmy Maraventano.

SOFA KINGS’ NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY! – 12/31 – buy tickets

The combination of fine musicianship, extraordinary vocals, and an exceptional horn section sets the Sofa Kings apart from the rest. The Kings cover all genres including all forms of Dance Music, Motown, RB, Classic Rock, and the current hot tunes on the Billboard charts.

Craig Thatcher Band presents an Evening of Jimi Hendrix – 1/3 – buy tickets

Craig Thatcher’s “Electric Trio” accurately captures the excitement, energy and most importantly, sonic expression of a 1960’s Jimi Hendrix concert so vividly you might think you stepped back in time.

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EagleMania has dedicated themselves to faithfully reproducing the music of The Eagles. Since their inception, EagleMania has been thrilling audiences all over the country with their stunning five part harmony and their uncanny ability to emulate the unmistakable sound of The Eagles.

Tapestry: The Music of Carole King – 1/18 –
buy tickets

Tapestry: Tribute to Carole King faithfully recreates the glorious sound of a Carole King concert, leaving your audiences with memories of the great music she wrote and recorded, including “You’ve Got a Friend”, “Natural Woman” and “It’s Too Late”.

THE NERDS– 1/26 – buy tickets

America’s Party Band FUN-OMENON from Hoboken, NJ! THE NERDS were born on August 15!


Introducing America’s most authentic tribute to the legendary Billy Joel! With all 6 members residing in the Charlotte North Carolina area, and several decades of experience between them, The Stranger is a musical powerhouse that is recognized as one of the best and most entertaining live bands in the business.


Broken Arrow performs the music of Neil Young, featuring both the rockin’ electric Crazy Horse tunes and the more acoustic, pedal steel driven country rock material. The band delivers these classic songs faithfully while taking them out on some jamming excursions and tastefully tweaking some of the arrangements.

STRAWBERRY FIELDS– 2/17 – buy tickets

The ultimate Beatles act performing the hits of the Beatles in full costume! This act features former members of the Broadway hit musical Beatlemania and has performed at Shea Stadium, Citi Field, and Yankee Stadium.

AMISH OUTLAWS– 2/23 – buy tickets

These Musikfest favorites have been called “The #4 Amish cover band in town.” by BigTune BiMonthly

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