5 Videos That Prove Tommy Emmanuel is a Certified Guitar Player

By Jake Cohen, ArtsQuest Marketing Intern

Tommy Emmanuel is rocking outdoors at the Steel Stacks presented by T-Mobile on May 20, and there are tons of reasons to see him do what he does best.

For one, he’s an Aussie! Born in 1955 in Australia, Emmanuel first became interested in music at the age of four when his engineer father brought home an electric guitar to see how it worked.

Second, his music is guaranteed to make you happy! When fans speak of his music, there are two main qualities that they mention. Other than the fact that his guitar playing is predictably extraordinary, fans always speak about the joy that his Emmanuel’s music brings them. Not quite sure what we mean? Well check out some of these clips of Tommy Emmanuel bringing joy to the world – and making it look easy!

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“Classical Gas”

I hope your browser can watch this one at .25x speed, because Emmanuel almost breaks the sounds barrier with this one! It’s amazing how many notes he can squeeze into each second – they don’t teach you THAT in music class! “Classical Gas?” No, Tommy is running on butane!

“Keep It Simple”

“Keep It Simple.” Even the concept is heartwarming. Not only does Emmanuel plays this piece masterfully, but he also looks so passionate about the song. You can see how he plucks each chord not only with his fingers, but with his entire body, heart and soul.  I feel like I could listen to this one on repeat until his show next month, but we have more clips to look at.

Song For A Rainy Day

Is there ever a more appropriate time for a certified guitarist to bring you joy than on a rainy day? Each chord here feels so purposeful and meaningful, and that just goes to show how great Emmanuel is. Rain, rain, go away, Tommy has more songs to play!

Cover of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

Yes, you’ve heard “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” before, but never quite like this! Showcasing what a lifetime dedication to an instrument looks like, Emmanuel crushes this classic with his own unique rendition.

“Beatles Medley”

That’s right – Emmanuel is even amazing live! His stage presence is so overpowering and he truly looks like he’s in his element. Watch as he treats his guitar like an extension of his body and has the whole crows involved in this performance. He certainly does the Beatles justice in this medley.

Well there you have it – just five of many examples of Tommy Emmanuel absolutely shredding the strings! He’ll be here on May 20 for a show that you won’t want to miss.

Get Your Lawn Square or Table

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