SteelStacks Improv Comedy Festival - Make Online Improv Fun with Donald Chang of Asian AF


Sunday, February 28 · view days & times
Price: $29 Regular/$26 ArtsQuest Members

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Has Online Improv been feeling less fun? Just too different from what you're used to from the Before Times? Of course it is, because we're trying to approach the camera the same way we approached the stage and it is a completely different beast. Film is different from theatre. Instead of trying to make it into something it's not, in this workshop, we're going to embrace Online Improv for its own set of strengths and skills, and through that, finally rediscover that fun we've all been missing.


Donald Chang

Donald Chang (he/him) is a teacher and performer at UCB NY. You can see him in ABC's "For Life", HBO's "High Maintenance", TV Land's "Younger", as well as the feature film “Happy Cleaners”. His previous stage credits include Doctor Chang in John Pollono’s “Rules of Seconds” at Barebones Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA, the lead in Hudson Guild Theater’s “The Pearl Diver”, a supporting role in Walk Up Arts’ “A Play About Drew Carey” and Young Ebeneezer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol”. He hosts the monthly variety show Asian AF NY, performs characters on Characters Welcome, and improvises with his all Asian team, Joy F*ck Club.