Event Schedule: Monday, June 27, 2022

July 2022
Mon411:15 amThe Phantom of the Open
Mon412 pmElvis
Mon41:30 pmJAZZ FEST: A New Orleans Story
Mon43:15 pmElvis
Mon43:30 pmKendal Conrad
Mon43:45 pmThe Phantom of the Open
Mon45:30 pmBand of Brothers
Mon46 pmElvis
Mon46:30 pmJAZZ FEST: A New Orleans Story
Mon47 pmArtsQuest Members-Only Fourth of July Fireworks Party
Mon47:30 pmThe Allentown Band
Mon49 pmBig Bone Daddy
Tue54 pmElvis
Tue54:30 pmThe Phantom of the Open
Tue56:30 pmSpanish Film: Inside Out
Tue57 pmElvis
Tue57:30 pmJAZZ FEST: A New Orleans Story
Wed61:15 pmElvis
Wed61:45 pmJAZZ FEST: A New Orleans Story
Wed64 pmSensory Friendly: Inside Out
Wed64:30 pmThe Phantom of the Open
Wed66:30 pmInside Out
Wed67 pmElvis
Wed67 pmThe Jazz Improvisation Experience
Wed67:15 pmMystic Pizza
Thu71:15 pmElvis
Thu71:45 pmThe Phantom of the Open
Thu74:15 pmElvis
Thu74:30 pmJAZZ FEST: A New Orleans Story
Thu77 pmElvis
Thu77:30 pmAubrey Haddard
Thu78 pmImprov 201 Grad Show
Thu79 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri81 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri87:30 pmEarth To Mars - The Bruno Mars Experience
Fri88 pmYellow Brick Road - A Tribute to Elton John
Fri89 pmWe3 Band
Fri89:15 pmLV Stand-Up Women Showcase with Host, Aliya Brown
Sat911:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat91 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat97:30 pmPeia
Sat99 pm49 Burning Condors
Sat99:15 pmAshton Womack
Sat99:45 pmStir Crazy
Sun1011:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun1012 pmTacoFest
Sun101 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Wed134 pmSensory Friendly: The Muppet Movie (1979)
Wed136:30 pmThe Muppet Movie (1979)
Wed137 pmMike Lorenz Trio
Wed137:15 pmGirls Trip
Thu147 pmFem in Film Series: Me and You and Everyone We Know
Thu147:30 pmArcadian Wild
Thu148 pmBase Reality
Thu149 pmOpen Mic Night
Thu149:45 pmFree Jokes! Standup Open Mic
Fri151 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri157:30 pmTinsley Ellis
Fri159 pmThe Castaway Band
Fri159:15 pmSynced Up
Sat1611:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat161 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat167:30 pmSiempre Salsa All Stars
Sat168 pmSwift & Sour - A Taylor & Olivia Dance Party
Sat169 pmHerencia Jabara
Sat169:15 pmThe Sequel Show
Sun179 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley presented by Koch Automotive Group
Sun1711:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun171 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun176 pmTribes & Vibes Presents: Sweetest Taboo
Sun177 pmBrett Dennen
Tue196:30 pmSpanish Film: How to Train Your Dragon
Tue197 pmSketch 101 Grad Show
Wed204 pmSensory Friendly: How to Train Your Dragon
Wed206:30 pmHow to Train Your Dragon
Wed207 pmThe Jazz Improvisation Experience
Wed207:15 pmThe Karate Kid
Thu217:30 pmPrince: Sign 'o' the Times (35th Anniversary)
Thu217:30 pmLucius
Thu219 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri221 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri226 pmPhillip-Michael Scales
Fri226:30 pmBC Blue
Fri227:30 pmMoonshine Society
Fri229 pmThe Good, The Bad & The Blues
Sat2311:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat2312 pmWine Tasting and Film Screening: Living Wine
Sat231 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat232:30 pmThe Busted Knuckles Stunt Tour
Sat233 pmLittle Buddy
Sat233 pmLou Franco Project
Sat234 pmUrsula Ricks
Sat235:30 pmThe Busted Knuckles Stunt Tour
Sat236 pmFriar’s Point
Sat236 pmSir Rod & The Blues Doctors
Sat237:30 pmJackie Venson
Sat238:30 pmThe Busted Knuckles Stunt Tour
Sat239 pmSlim and the Perkolators
Sat239 pmSlam Allen
Sat239:45 pmGood Burger (25th Anniversary Screening)
Sun2411:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun241 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun241:30 pmThe Busted Knuckles Stunt Tour
Sun242 pmScott Marshall & the Highway Souls
Sun242 pmLittle Red Rooster Blues Band
Sun244 pmPentley Holmes
Sun244 pmThe Busted Knuckles Stunt Tour
Sun244 pmSlideWinder Blues Band
Sun246 pmVeronica Lewis
Sun246:15 pmSpy Kids
Sun246:30 pmThe Busted Knuckles Stunt Tour
Sun247:30 pmLil' Ed & the Blues Imperials
Wed274 pmSensory Friendly: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971)
Wed276:30 pmWilly Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971)
Wed277 pmGinger and the Schnappes
Wed277 pmImprov 101 Grad Show
Wed277:15 pmSmokey and the Bandit
Wed277:30 pmFive For Fighting with special guest The Verve Pipe
Thu287 pmEpiphany
Thu287:30 pmThe Black Opry
Thu288 pmBase Reality
Thu289 pmOpen Mic Night
Thu289:45 pmFree Jokes! Standup Open Mic
Fri291 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri297:30 pmTall Tall Trees
Fri299 pmDentist
Fri299:15 pmDoogie Horner
Sat3011:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat301 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat306 pmDOUBLE FEATURE: The Spy Who Loved Me & Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Sat307:30 pmThe Abrams
Sat309 pmNo Sailor
Sat309:15 pmCracking Up in The Valley
Sun3111:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun3112 pmSummer Stock
Sun313 pmFilmmaker Workshop: The Significance of Storyboarding with Adam Cipoletti
Sun316:15 pmCinema Paradiso (Nuovo Cinema Paradiso)
Sun317 pmWXPN Welcomes Outside Problems Tour: Andrew Bird, Iron & Wine
August 2022
Wed34 pmSensory Friendly: Luca
Wed36:30 pmLuca
Wed37:15 pmThe Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (60th Anniversary)
Thu46 pmBoyz II Men
Fri56 pmKip Moore
Fri57 pmKind Tree ComedyPlatz
Fri59:30 pmKind Tree ComedyPlatz
Fri511:15 pmLip Sync Battle
Sat64:30 pmKind Tree ComedyPlatz
Sat66 pmWillie Nelson & Family
Sat67 pmKind Tree ComedyPlatz
Sat69:30 pmKind Tree ComedyPlatz
Sat611:15 pmImprovised Standup
Sun76 pmPOISON
Mon86 pmCounting Crows
Tue96 pmZIGGY MARLEY – A Live Tribute To His Father
Wed106 pmDisturbed
Thu116 pmKelsea Ballerini
Fri127 pmKind Tree ComedyPlatz
Fri129:30 pmKind Tree ComedyPlatz
Fri1211:15 pmSwipe Right: The Online Dating Gameshow
Sat134:30 pmKind Tree ComedyPlatz
Sat136 pmAlabama
Sat137 pmKind Tree ComedyPlatz
Sat139 pmKind Tree ComedyPlatz
Sat1311:15 pmWe’re Good, You’re Great and Synced Up Mash Up Show
Sun145 pmOlga Tañón
Mon1512 pmStrangers on a Train
Mon152:15 pmSabotage
Mon154:15 pmDial M For Murder
Mon157 pmMovie Talk Seminar: Vertigo
Mon157:45 pmVertigo
Tue162:15 pmDial M For Murder
Tue164:30 pmVertigo
Tue166:30 pmSpanish Film: Encanto
Tue167:15 pmLicense to Kill
Tue167:30 pmStrangers on a Train
Wed1712 pmStrangers on a Train
Wed172:30 pmVertigo
Wed174 pmSensory Friendly: Encanto
Wed175:30 pmSabotage
Wed176:30 pmEncanto
Wed177:30 pmDial M For Murder
Thu1812 pmDial M For Murder
Thu182:30 pmSabotage
Thu184:30 pmStrangers on a Train
Thu187:30 pmAna Popovic
Thu187:30 pmVertigo
Fri197:30 pmA Few Good Men of PA Band
Fri199:15 pmWe're Good, You're Great
Sat207:30 pmSaludos Bethlehem Ft. Pancho Bongo y su Orquesta
Sat208 pmThe Heroic Trio & Executioners: A Michelle Yeoh DOUBLE FEATURE
Wed247:30 pmGuess Who's Coming to Dinner
Thu257:30 pmBilly Bauer's Dave Matthews Band Tribute
Thu259:45 pmFree Jokes! Standup Open Mic
Fri267:30 pmAngela Perley
Fri269:15 pmSynced Up
Sat2712 pmA Star is Born
Sat277:30 pmJoe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers
Sat279:45 pmLost Highway (25th Anniversary)
Sun289 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley presented by Koch Automotive Group
Sun286:15 pmIncendies
September 2022
Thu17:30 pmVox Sambou
Fri27:30 pmOctober Rose
Sat33 pmSangriaFest Upper Macungie
Sat37:30 pmDanielia Cotton
Sat39:45 pmArrebato
Sun48 pmBuilt to Spill
Wed77:30 pmGoldenEye
Thu87:30 pmEljuri
Fri97:30 pmDirty Dollhouse
Sat1012 pmGirl Crazy
Sat107:30 pmThe Aardvarks
Sun117:30 pmSlingshot Dakota & Catbite: Anniversary Show
Wed147:30 pmA Patch Of Blue
Fri167:30 pmMasters of Soul
Sat177 pmBrett Eldredge
Sun187:30 pmHere Come the Mummies
Fri237:30 pmBroken Arrow - A Tribute to Neil Young
Sun2511 amThe Ginvitational
Sun256 pmAndy Montanez with special guest Edgar Joel
Sun256:15 pmTaste of Cherry (25th Anniversary)
October 2022
Sun26:15 pmSkyfall
Sun27:30 pmBILLY OCEAN
Thu67:30 pmJeff Allen
Sun169 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley presented by Koch Automotive Group
Tue186:30 pmStandup 101 with Aliya Brown
Fri218 pmBobby Collins
Wed268 pmSteve Vai: Inviolate Tour
Sat297 pmTracy Morgan: No Disrespect
Sat299:45 pmTracy Morgan: No Disrespect
November 2022
Sat127 pmThe Vagina Monologues
Sat129:30 pmThe Vagina Monologues
Sun137 pmJohn Waite
Sat1912 pmThe Wizard of Oz
Sun207 pmThe Evolution of Joni Mitchell
Fri257:30 pmTUSK – The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band
Sat267:30 pmTUSK – The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band
Tue296:30 pmStandup 101 Grad Show
December 2022
Thu87:30 pmLivingston Taylor & Karla Bonoff - Home For The Holidays
Fri167:30 pmThe Stranger - A Tribute to Billy Joel