Oktoberfest Brewers' Village

Musikfest Café presented by Yuengling

From German-style marzens to autumn-inspired pumpkin ales, the hand-crafted beers of Pennsylvania's award-winning craft breweries take center stage as the Oktoberfest Brewers’ Village presented by Weis Markets returns for its sixth year. Guests enjoy a diverse array of Oktoberfest’s, limited-edition and seasonal offerings. All attendees receive a commemorative sampling mug and have the opportunity to meet the breweries’ staff and brewers, as well as enjoy the delicious food, fun and games of Oktoberfest, now in its ninth year.

Dates: Oct. 11-12
Friday | 7 p.m.
Saturday | 1 & 4 p.m.

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Brewers Guidelines

2019 Public Tasting Schedule
There are a total of 3 tastings during the second weekend of Oktoberfest (October 11th & October 12th). All tastings will take place in the Brewers Village at the Musikfest Café inside the ArtsQuest Center (101 Founders Way, Bethlehem, PA 18015). Brewers are asked to participate in all of the public tastings throughout the weekend.

Friday, October 11th, 2019 7-9 p.m.
Saturday, October 12th, 2019 (session 1) 1-3 p.m.
Saturday, October 12th, 2019 (session 2) 4-6 p.m.

Submission Deadline for Marketing Material
We’d love to have everyone submitted by July 19th, 2019 in order to include all your information and logos in our printed promotional materials. We’ll do the best we can to make sure people know your brewery will be present if you miss out, but in order to ensure your content makes it into our materials make sure you register and submit logos by the above date.

How the Public Tasting Sessions Work
Participating breweries will be given a space in the Musikfest Cafe that will be assigned based on a first come, first serve basis upon arrival. Each brewery is given an 8ft table, two chairs, and a 10 Amp circuit for power. ArtsQuest will also provide cold storage to store beer and ice to keep your beer cold. Your brewery is responsible for providing the beer, whatever you need to serve your beer (i.e. tap system, coolers, bottle openers, etc.), and whatever decorations and promotional items you would like for your display.

Festival attendees will have their age verified and will be wrist-banded for each session. Each attendee will receive a tasting glass and a program listing all participating brewers. For each session, there will be up to 350 attendees circulating amongst the booths and tasting the various beers. We ask that each brewery has at least one representative at their booth at all times, as many of the festival attendees will want to learn more about your beer. In order to stay in compliance with our liquor license, ArtsQuest will provide each participating brewery with a RAMP certified volunteer to pour your beers. Please let these volunteers pour the beers for you, this should give your brewery representatives the opportunity to talk to the attendees and sell any merchandise that you bring. Please send descriptions of your brewery and the beers you will be serving to in order to get them into the festival program.

Guidelines for Brewery Reps
All brewery representatives must be 21 years or older.

Brewery reps must conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Activities by a brewery representative that endanger festival attendees, staff or vendors, or any activity which is contrary to Pennsylvania law may subject the brewery representative or the attending brewery to ejection from the festival at the sole discretion of ArtsQuest’s staff.

Throwing items (i.e. shirts, cups, coasters, etc.) from the booth into the crowd is prohibited.

Brewery representatives are encouraged to sample responsibly during the festival.

Guidelines for Serving Beer
All beer should be served by the RAMP certified volunteer assigned by ArtsQuest.

Each sample should be a maximum of 2 ounces. There is a pour line on the tasting glass for your convenience.

Please do not allow attendees who appear to be very intoxicated to be served, and alert an ArtsQuest staff or security member of said attendee.

All beer should be served from behind your table in your booth.

Please make sure all brewery representatives adhere to these guidelines, as failure to do so could result in warnings or expulsion of the brewery representative.

The Beer
ArtsQuest provides refrigerated trailers and ice to keep all the brewery’s beers cold.

Breweries should deliver all the beer needed for the weekend’s festivities to the ArtsQuest Center (101 Founders Way, Bethlehem, PA 18015) on Thursday, October 10th, with specific designation for The Brewers Village.

We ask that each brewery provide enough beer to serve a total of 1,050 ppl (3 sessions at 350 ppl each). Approximately, 2,100 ounces of beer should cover one sample per person, however we ask that each brewery determine the amount of beer they will serve and provide enough so they will not run out during the event.

Each brewery is responsible for providing the equipment they need to serve their beer. If you are bringing kegs, you must also provide a tap system, keg containers etc.

Beer must be delivered to ArtsQuest prior to the event for legal and inventory purposes, and becomes the property of ArtsQuest once delivered.

Displays, Promotional Items and Merchandise
We encourage breweries to decorate their booth space to add to the festive feel of the event. Promotional items are also encouraged, but please do not throw these items to the crowd. Displays must stay within your space as to not encroach on traffic flow.

We also encourage breweries to bring merchandise to sell at the event. You can sell this merchandise in your own space, however that will require you to get a City of Bethlehem Business Privilege License. If you choose, ArtsQuest will have a merchandise booth at which we will sell any and all merchandise provided by the breweries. Merchandise that ArtsQuest sells is subject to a 10% commission. We’ll need to know what you are bringing in advance, so please reach out to us with SKU’s and pricing.

ArtsQuest has a number of local hotel partners, several of which offer special ArtsQuest discounts during Oktoberfest. To help make your stay with us as convenient and easy as possible, we are offering each participating brewery $200 to apply toward accommodations, as well as four Brewers Village passes good for one tasting session. Our list of lodging partners can be found at

Set Up and Tear Down
We ask that all breweries are set up one hour prior to opening of the first tasting each day. With that said, the room will be open to accommodate your set up needs at 9AM each day.

Parking will be provided in a near by parking lot.

During tear down, breweries will have to wait till the conclusion of Oktoberfest to bring any vehicles on site. Prior to bringing your vehicle on site, we ask that you have your booth torn down and ready to load into your vehicle. If you choose not to wait until the conclusion of Oktoberfest, you will have to cart your items from Brewers Village to the parking lot in which your vehicle is located.

You may leave your booths set up overnight Friday into Saturday, as ArtsQuest provides 24 hour security on site.

Breweries must have their spaces cleared and cleaned up Saturday night following their last session. We ask that you leave the site exactly as you found it. If any excessive clean up is needed after you leave the site, cleaning charges may be enforced.

Most Importantly…
This event is meant to promote your brands and be fun for everyone - breweries and patrons alike. Have a great time and allow everyone to enjoy themselves responsibly! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me – I’ll be your contact throughout the entire event:

Steve Ott
ArtsQuest Director of Operations
Office: 610.332.1391
Cell: 610.360.8902