Event Schedule: Sunday, January 15, 2017

April 2017
Sun3010:25 amRise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun3010:25 amHoover Mason Trestle Guided Tour
Sun3011:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun3012:15 pmTheir Finest
Sun302 pmListen To Your Mother (LTYM)
Sun303:15 pmTheir Finest
Sun304 pmColossal
Sun306:30 pmTheir Finest
Sun306:45 pmColossal
May 2017
Mon110 amToddler Storytime
Mon14:15 pmColossal
Mon14:30 pmTheir Finest
Mon17:15 pmNeruda
Mon17:30 pmTheir Finest
Tue24:15 pmColossal
Tue24:30 pmTheir Finest
Tue27:15 pmColossal
Tue27:30 pmTheir Finest
Wed31:15 pmColossal
Wed31:30 pmTheir Finest
Wed34:15 pmColossal
Wed34:30 pmTheir Finest
Wed37:15 pmSingin’ in the Rain
Wed37:30 pmTheir Finest
Thu41:15 pmColossal
Thu41:30 pmTheir Finest
Thu44:15 pmColossal
Thu44:30 pmTheir Finest
Thu47 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu47:15 pmColossal
Thu48 pmSneak Preview Screening of Great News - with creator Tracey Wigfield
Thu49 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri56:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Fri58 pmRyan Tennis
Fri510:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat611:30 amPeas & Q's Hosted By: Natalie Hartman - Teaching Artist at the Banana Factory
Sat611:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat68 pmSwamp Guard
Sat68 pmThe Bethlehem Air Sex Championships
Sat69:45 pmThe Lost Boys
Sat69:45 pmThe First Saturday Horror Series
Sat610:30 pmImprovised Standup
Sun711:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun76 pmThe Freedom High School Playwright Showcase
Sun77:30 pmKevin Nealon
Mon810 amToddler Storytime
Tue97 pmDrink n' Draw
Wed107 pmImprov 101 with Dan Maher
Wed107:15 pmTootsie
Thu117 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu118 pmNerd Nite Bethlehem
Thu119 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri128 pmThe Coteries
Fri1210:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat1311:30 amJason Didner & the Jungle Gym Jam
Sat1311:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat138 pmSoul Folks
Sat1310:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun14The Art of The Minds Behind Dripped On The Road
Sun1410 amMother's Day Brunch
Sun1411:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun1412:45 pmMother's Day Brunch
Sun147:30 pmCaroline Rhea
Mon1510 amToddler Storytime
Tue167:15 pmChasing Trane
Wed177:15 pmThe Seven Year Itch
Wed177:30 pmRichie Kotzen
Wed178 pmKevin Devine
Thu186:30 pmArtists Among Us: Ponder Goembel
Thu187:30 pmChris Robinson Brotherhood
Thu188 pmRyan & Steve Bust a Movie: Bloodsport
Thu189 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri199 pmPentley Holmes
Fri1910:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat2011:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat2011:30 amPonder Goembel
Sat2012:30 pmChasing Trane
Sat209 pmBig Hoax
Sat209:45 pmEraserhead
Sat2010:30 pmI'm Probably Reading Into This...
Sun219 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Sun2111:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Mon2210 amToddler Storytime
Tue236 pmDibbs & the Detonators
Tue237:30 pmCherry Poppin’ Daddies
Wed247:15 pmBonnie and Clyde
Thu257 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu257 pmImprov 301 with Jon Lunger
Thu258 pmThe Associated Mess
Thu259 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri266 pmHot Club of Philadelphia
Fri268 pmDirty Dozen Brass Band
Fri269 pmScott Marshall
Fri2610:30 pmManDudeBro
Fri2611:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2711:30 amThe Plants
Sat2711:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat272 pmClowning for Improvisers with Shara Tonn
Sat277:30 pmPuchi Colón and Friends
Sat279 pmThe Groove Merchants
Sat2710:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun2811:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun282 pmSex and Violence with Mona Thompson
Sun289 pmZaire
Sun289 pmMona and Shara Do Something Completely Different
Wed317:15 pmIn the Heat of the Night
June 2017
Thu16 pmThe Jazz Thieves
Thu17 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu17:15 pmGrease Sing-A-Long
Thu18 pmGerald Veasley
Fri26:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Fri28 pmLotus Land – An American RUSH Tribute
Fri29 pmThe Big Drops (Duo)
Fri210:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat310 amHot Glass Experience: Snail
Sat311:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat311:30 amBear Mountain Butterfly Program
Sat39 pmAlbert Savage
Sat39:45 pmThe First Saturday Horror Series
Sat39:45 pmCarrie
Sat310:30 pmSpoiler Alert: Jurassic Park
Sun411:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun4Jay Walker: “The Steel Worker” Tape Art Installation
Sun47 pmRemember
Mon57:15 pmThe Seventh Seal
Wed77:15 pmSunset Boulevard
Thu87 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri96 pmThe Jost Project
Fri98 pmThe Royal Scam – A Tribute to Steely Dan
Fri99 pmThe House of Tuk
Fri910:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat1011:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat1011:30 amBubble Dad Live
Sat1012 pmFood Truck Border Brawl
Sat1012 pmFood Truck Border Brawl
Sat108 pmJeffrey Gaines
Sat108 pmZaire Trio
Sat109 pmBrian Posehn
Sat1010:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun1111:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Mon128 pmVal Kilmer Live Presents: CINEMA TWAIN
Tue137 pmDrink n' Draw
Tue137:30 pmWXPN Welcomes Lake Street Dive
Wed147:15 pmRebel Without a Cause
Thu157 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri166 pmGretchen & the Pickpockets
Fri168 pmAaron Neville
Fri168 pmOwls & Lions
Fri1610:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat1711:30 amRolie Polie Guacamole
Sat1711:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat1712 pmSmashQuest
Sat179 pmBlue Jean
Sat179:45 pmThe Warriors
Sun1811:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun181:30 pmImprov 201 with Matt Candio
Sun182 pmIntro to Comedy Writing with Glen Tickle
Mon197 pmImprov 101 with Matt Candio
Mon197:30 pmYuengling Summer Series: Barenaked Ladies
Wed216 pmThe Trio Named Leonard
Wed217:15 pmCasablanca
Wed217:30 pmRobert Glasper Experiment
Thu227 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu227:15 pmBullitt
Fri237:30 pmTed Vigil's John Denver Tribute
Fri2310:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat2411:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat2410:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun259 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Sun2511:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Tue276:30 pmDirty Heads / SOJA
Wed287:15 pmWest Side Story Sing-Along
Thu297 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu298 pmThe Associated Mess
Thu298 pmSplintered Sunlight Recreates 6/24/76 Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA
Fri309 pmTIOGA
Fri3011:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
July 2017
Sat111:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat18 pmMISSIO
Sat19:45 pmThe Blob (1988)
Sun211:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun29 pmWe May Be Right
Mon37:15 pmRashomon
Wed57:15 pmButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Thu67 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu67:15 pmVanishing Point
Thu68 pmSplintered Sunlight Recreates 6/28/85 Hershey Park Stadium, Hershey, PA
Fri76:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Sat811:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat811:30 amPolka Dot!
Sat810:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun911:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun97:15 pmPride and Prejudice
Sun98 pmArj Barker
Tue117 pmDrink n' Draw
Wed127:15 pmKing Kong
Thu137 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu138 pmSplintered Sunlight Recreates 7/7/89 JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA
Fri148 pmLucky
Fri148 pmNora Jane Struthers & the Party Line
Sat1511 amLucky
Sat1511:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat151 pmSangriaFest
Sat156 pmSangriaFest
Sat157:30 pmSlingshot Dakota with Ratboys
Sat159:45 pmPink Flamingos
Sun169 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Sun1611:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun165:30 pmDouble Feature: Jailhouse Rock & Viva Las Vegas
Wed197:15 pmDo The Right Thing
Thu207 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu208 pmSplintered Sunlight Recreates 3/19/95 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
Sat2211:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat2210:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun2311:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun237:15 pmChristine
Sun237:30 pmArlo Guthrie
Wed267:15 pmJaws
Wed268 pmAndrew Bird
Thu277 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu277:30 pmHunter Hayes
Thu278 pmThe Associated Mess
Fri2811:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2911:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat2911:30 amChibi Kodama Family Band
Sun3011:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun307:30 pmChristopher Titus
August 2017
Wed27:15 pmSense and Sensibility
Thu37 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Sat510:30 amMusikfest 5k
Thu177 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri188 pmCory Shelly
Fri188:30 pmMaria Bamford
Wed237:30 pmMarshall Crenshaw y Los Straitjackets
Thu247 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu247:15 pmMad Max: Fury Road BLACK & CHROME
Fri2511:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2610:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun279 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Sun277 pmOld Dominion
Thu317 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu318 pmThe Mavericks
Thu318 pmThe Associated Mess
September 2017
Fri16:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Sat29:45 pmFaces of Death
Thu77 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri88 pmClassic Stones Live
Fri89 pmCubbage
Sat910:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Mon117:15 pmBabette's Feast
Tue127 pmDrink n' Draw
Thu147 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri158 pmBen Bailey
Fri158 pmBox of Rain: Essential Grateful Dead of 68-74
Sun179 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Sun177:15 pmThe Jane Austen Book Club
Thu217 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri227 pmGlass Blast 2017
Sat2310:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Thu287 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu288 pmThe Associated Mess
Fri297:30 pmPaul Barrere & Fred Tackett of Little Feat
Fri2911:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
October 2017
Mon27:15 pmLet The Right One In
Thu57 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri66:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Fri68 pmCraig Thatcher Band presents Eric Clapton Retrospective
Tue107 pmDrink n' Draw
Thu127 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu128 pmSteelStacks Cabaret Night
Sat1410:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Thu197 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri2011:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Thu267 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu268 pmThe Associated Mess
Fri2711:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2810:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sat2811:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
November 2017
Thu27 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri36:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Mon67:15 pmWomen on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
Thu97 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri107:30 pmTUSK The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute
Sat1110:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Tue147 pmDrink n' Draw
Thu167 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Sat187:30 pmThe Aardvarks & The Sofa Kings
Thu237 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri2411:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2510:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Thu307 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu308 pmThe Associated Mess
December 2017
Fri16:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Thu77 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Sat910:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Tue127 pmDrink n' Draw
Thu147 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Sat2310:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Thu288 pmThe Associated Mess
Fri2911:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show