Event Schedule: Friday, March 17, 2017

June 2017
Thu2210:25 amHoover Mason Trestle Guided Tour
Thu2212:25 pmRise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Thu221:15 pmMy Cousin Rachel
Thu221:30 pmParis Can Wait
Thu224:15 pmMy Cousin Rachel
Thu224:30 pmParis Can Wait
Thu227 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu227:15 pmBullitt
Thu227:30 pmRiver Whyless
Thu227:30 pmParis Can Wait
Thu229 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri2310:25 amHoover Mason Trestle Guided Tour
Fri2312:25 pmRise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri2312:30 pmParis Can Wait
Fri231 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Fri232:45 pmParis Can Wait
Fri233:15 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Fri235 pmFREE Tennis for the Family
Fri235 pmParis Can Wait
Fri235:30 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Fri236:30 pmPuerto Rican Institute of Music Jibaro Ensemble
Fri237:15 pmParis Can Wait
Fri237:30 pmTed Vigil's John Denver Tribute
Fri237:45 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Fri238 pmHerman Olivera
Fri239:30 pmParis Can Wait
Fri239:55 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Fri2310 pmBaby J
Fri2311 pmReggaeton Night: El Elegido
Fri2311:30 pmReggaeton Night: Bolo Flow & Friends
Sat2410:25 amHoover Mason Trestle Guided Tour
Sat2411:30 amMindful Meditation with Betsy Thomson
Sat2411:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat2412:15 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Sat2412:25 pmRise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat2412:30 pmParis Can Wait
Sat242 pmFREE Tennis for the Family
Sat242:30 pmDJ Ju5tin
Sat242:30 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Sat243 pmNitschmann Middle School Step Team
Sat243 pmParis Can Wait
Sat244 pmAnaïsa
Sat244 pmFabricio Orihuela
Sat245 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Sat245:30 pmParis Can Wait
Sat246:30 pmGrupo En Secuencia
Sat247:15 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Sat247:30 pmUrban Varieties Fashion Show
Sat248 pmKiko Rodriguez
Sat248:30 pmTyler Rothrock Album Recording
Sat249:15 pmParis Can Wait
Sat2410 pmHector Rosado Orchestra
Sat2410:30 pmTyler Rothrock Album Recording
Sun259 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Sun2510 amLatin Mass
Sun2510:25 amHoover Mason Trestle Guided Tour
Sun2511:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun2511:30 amWe Like It Like That
Sun2512:15 pmParis Can Wait
Sun2512:25 pmRise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun251:45 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Sun252 pmLearn How to Play the Games with Michelle Rieder and The Associated Mess
Sun252 pmIntro to Comedy Writing with Glen Tickle
Sun253:15 pmParis Can Wait
Sun253:45 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Sun256:15 pmParis Can Wait
Sun256:30 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Sun257:30 pmJakubi
Mon264:15 pmParis Can Wait
Mon264:30 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Mon267:15 pmParis Can Wait
Mon267:30 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Tue271:15 pmParis Can Wait
Tue271:30 pmSensory-Friendly: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Tue274:15 pmParis Can Wait
Tue274:30 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Tue276 pmDinner on the Deck
Tue276:30 pmDirty Heads / SOJA
Tue277:15 pmParis Can Wait
Tue277:30 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Wed281:15 pmParis Can Wait
Wed281:30 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Wed284:15 pmParis Can Wait
Wed284:30 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Wed287:15 pmWest Side Story Sing-Along
Wed287:30 pmParis Can Wait
Wed287:30 pmFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Thu2910:25 amHoover Mason Trestle Guided Tour
Thu2912:25 pmRise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Thu291:15 pmParis Can Wait
Thu291:30 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Thu294:15 pmParis Can Wait
Thu294:30 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Thu296 pmDinner on the Deck
Thu297 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu297:30 pmFrontiers
Thu297:30 pmBeatriz at Dinner
Thu298 pmThe Associated Mess
Thu298 pmSplintered Sunlight Recreates 6/24/76 Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA
Thu299 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri3010:25 amHoover Mason Trestle Guided Tour
Fri3012:25 pmRise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri307:30 pmLow Cut Connie
Fri309 pmTIOGA
Fri3010:30 pmManDudeBro
Fri3011:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
July 2017
Sat110:25 amHoover Mason Trestle Guided Tour
Sat111:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat111:30 amPeas & Q's: Dave Fry
Sat112:25 pmRise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat17:30 pmSugar Ray and the Bluetones
Sat18 pmMISSIO
Sat19 pmBlack Tie Stereo
Sat19:45 pmThe Blob (1988)
Sun211:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun23 pmThe BC Combo
Sun26 pmDinner on the Deck
Sun27:30 pmThe Coasters
Sun29 pmWe May Be Right
Mon37:15 pmRashomon
Mon37:30 pmNalani & Sarina
Tue4Ponder Goembel - Artist Among Us
Tue47 pmArtsQuest Members Fourth of July Fireworks Party
Tue47:30 pmThe Allentown Band
Wed57:15 pmButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Wed57:30 pmSing
Thu67 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu67:15 pmVanishing Point
Thu67:30 pmNot Fade Away
Thu68 pmSplintered Sunlight Recreates 6/28/85 Hershey Park Stadium, Hershey, PA
Thu69 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri76:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Fri77:30 pmRandall Bramblett Band
Fri710:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat811:30 amPolka Dot!
Sat811:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat87:30 pmCeramic Animal
Sat89 pmMaybird
Sat810:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun911:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun97:15 pmPride and Prejudice
Sun98 pmArj Barker
Mon1011 amMusikfest 5th Annual Golf Tournament
Tue111:30 pmSensory-Friendly: Up
Tue117 pmDrink n' Draw
Wed127:15 pmKing Kong
Wed127:30 pmUp
Thu137 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu137:30 pmKwesi K
Thu138 pmBest of Tinder
Thu138 pmSplintered Sunlight Recreates 7/7/89 JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA
Thu139 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri147:30 pmQiet
Fri148 pmCIRQUE-IT! - "Lucky" by Atlas Circus Company
Fri148 pmNora Jane Struthers & the Party Line
Fri1410:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat1511 amVet Fest 2017
Sat1511 amCIRQUE-IT! - "Lucky" by Atlas Circus Company
Sat1511:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat151 pmSangriaFest
Sat151:30 pmCreative Doodling Travel Wine Cup
Sat156 pmSangriaFest
Sat156:30 pmCreative Doodling Travel Wine Cup
Sat157:30 pmBriga
Sat157:30 pmSlingshot Dakota with Ratboys
Sat159:45 pmPink Flamingos
Sat1510:30 pmMind Meld: A Game Show from The Associated Mess
Sun169 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Sun1611 amVet Fest 2017
Sun1611:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun162 pmFight Club with Dan Maher
Sun165:30 pmDouble Feature: Jailhouse Rock & Viva Las Vegas
Tue181:30 pmSensory-Friendly: Moana
Wed197:15 pmDo The Right Thing
Wed197:30 pmMoana
Thu207 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu207:30 pmThe Avalon Jazz Band
Thu207:30 pmStop Making Sense
Thu208 pmSplintered Sunlight Recreates 3/19/95 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
Thu208 pmThe Roast of Glen Tickle
Thu209 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri217:30 pmMichael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra
Fri2110:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat2211:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat227:30 pmEvan Sherman Big Band
Sat2210:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun2311:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun237:15 pmChristine
Sun237:30 pmArlo Guthrie
Tue251:30 pmSensory-Friendly: Finding Dory
Wed267 pmDon’t Kill the Dog with Cindy Marsh
Wed267:15 pmJaws
Wed267:30 pmFinding Dory
Wed268 pmAndrew Bird with special guest Esperanza Spalding
Thu276 pmDinner on the Deck
Thu277 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu277:30 pmHunter Hayes
Thu278 pmThe Associated Mess
Thu279 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri287:30 pmT Sisters
Fri2810:30 pmManDudeBro
Fri2811:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2911:30 amChibi Kodama Family Band
Sat2911:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat297:30 pmIncendio
Sat2910:30 pmChallengers of the Well-Known & The Giggle Tucks*
Sun3011:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun307:30 pmChristopher Titus
Mon317:15 pmOpen Screenings
August 2017
Tue11:30 pmSensory-Friendly: The LEGO Batman Movie
Wed27:15 pmSense and Sensibility
Wed27:30 pmThe LEGO Batman Movie
Thu37 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu37:30 pmAmerican Valhalla
Thu39 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri47 pmMegan Williams
Fri48:30 pmMegan Williams
Fri411:15 pmManDudeBro at Musikfest
Sat510:30 amMusikfest 5k
Sat511:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat57 pmMegan Williams
Sat59 pmMegan Williams
Sat511:15 pmThe Best of Craigslist
Sun611:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun67 pmMegan Williams
Sun69 pmMegan Williams
Sun611:15 pmThe SteelStacks Comedy Triathlon
Thu109 pmOpen Mic Night
Thu1011:15 pmThe Associated Mess at Musikfest
Fri116:30 pmThe Bang Group
Fri117 pmThe LVwithLove ComedyPlatz
Fri118:30 pmThe Bang Group
Fri118:45 pmThe LVwithLove ComedyPlatz
Fri1110:30 pmThe LVwithLove ComedyPlatz
Fri1111:15 pmManDudeBro at Musikfest
Sat1211:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat126:30 pmThe Bang Group
Sat127 pmThe LVwithLove ComedyPlatz
Sat128:30 pmThe Bang Group
Sat128:45 pmThe LVwithLove ComedyPlatz
Sat1210:30 pmThe LVwithLove ComedyPlatz
Sat1211:15 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour at Musikfest
Sun1311:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun136:30 pmThe Bang Group
Sun137:30 pmArtsQuest Members Musikfest Fireworks Party
Sun138:30 pmThe Bang Group
Mon141:15 pmThe 39 Steps
Mon144:15 pmPsycho
Mon147:15 pmNorth by Northwest
Tue151:15 pmRebecca
Tue151:30 pmSensory-Friendly: Toy Story
Tue154:15 pmNorth by Northwest
Tue157:15 pmThe 39 Steps
Wed161:15 pmThe 39 Steps
Wed164:15 pmPsycho
Wed167 pmImprov 201 with Matt Candio
Wed167:15 pmRebecca
Wed167:30 pmToy Story
Thu171:15 pmRebecca
Thu174:15 pmNorth by Northwest
Thu177 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu177:15 pmPsycho
Thu177:30 pmWalker Hayes
Thu179 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri186 pmDinner on the Deck
Fri186 pmDinner on the Deck
Fri187:30 pmThe Weeklings
Fri188 pmCory Shelly
Fri188:30 pmMaria Bamford
Fri1810:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat1911:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat197:30 pmThe Suffers
Sat198 pmBilly Bauer Band: Dave Matthews Band Tribute
Sat199:45 pmThe Running Man
Sat1910:30 pmImprovised Standup
Sun2011:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Mon217:15 pmTainted Blood
Tue221:30 pmSensory-Friendly: Mary Poppins
Wed237:30 pmMary Poppins
Wed237:30 pmMarshall Crenshaw y Los Straitjackets
Thu247 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu247:15 pmMad Max: Fury Road BLACK & CHROME
Thu247:30 pmThe Nick Moss Band
Thu249 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri257:30 pmBlack Violin
Fri2510:30 pmManDudeBro
Fri2511:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2611:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat267:30 pmThe Platters
Sat2610:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun279 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Sun2711:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun276 pmDinner on the Deck
Sun277 pmOld Dominion
Thu317 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu317:30 pmRockin’ Jake
Thu318 pmThe Associated Mess
Thu318 pmThe Mavericks
Thu319 pmOpen Mic Night
September 2017
Fri16:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Fri17:30 pmSean Fleming Band
Fri110:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat211:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat26 pmDinner on the Deck
Sat27:30 pmBroadway Favorites: Allentown Symphony Orchestra
Sat29:45 pmFaces of Death
Sun36 pmDinner on the Deck
Sun37:30 pmCraig Thatcher Band
Mon47:30 pmChris Thomas King
Thu77 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu77:30 pmGreen River
Thu78 pmMatthew Morrison
Fri87:30 pmJimmy & the Parrots
Fri88 pmClassic Stones Live
Fri89 pmCubbage
Fri810:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat97:30 pmLeather Tramp
Sat910:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun107:30 pmHenry Rollins
Mon117:15 pmBabette's Feast
Tue127 pmDrink n' Draw
Tue127:30 pm2017 Hunting Film Tour
Wed137:30 pmDavid Gilmour Live at Pompeii
Thu147 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri158 pmBen Bailey
Fri158 pmBox of Rain: Essential Grateful Dead of 68-74
Fri1510:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat169:45 pmNapoleon Dynamite
Sun179 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Sun177:15 pmThe Jane Austen Book Club
Thu217 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri227 pmGlass Blast 2017
Fri2210:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat2310:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Wed277:15 pm25th Anniversary: Wayne's World
Wed278 pmIan Abramson
Thu287 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu288 pmThe Associated Mess
Fri297:30 pmPaul Barrere & Fred Tackett of Little Feat
Fri2910:30 pmManDudeBro
Fri2911:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
October 2017
Mon27:15 pmLet The Right One In
Thu57 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu58 pmRob Schneider
Fri66:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Fri68 pmCraig Thatcher Band presents Eric Clapton Retrospective
Fri610:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat79:45 pmNight of the Living Dead
Tue107 pmDrink n' Draw
Thu127 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu128 pmSteelStacks Cabaret Night
Fri1310:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat149:45 pmDawn of the Dead
Sat1410:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Thu197 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri2010:30 pmManDudeBro
Fri2011:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat219:45 pmShaun of the Dead
Thu267 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu268 pmThe Associated Mess
Fri2710:30 pmManDudeBro
Fri2711:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2810:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sat2811:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
November 2017
Thu27 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu27:30 pmArtists Among Us: Female Filmmaker Roundtable
Fri36:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Fri310:30 pmManDudeBro
Mon67:15 pmWomen on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
Thu97 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri107:30 pmTUSK The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute
Fri1010:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat1110:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Tue147 pmDrink n' Draw
Thu167 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri1710:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat187:30 pmThe Aardvarks & The Sofa Kings
Sun197 pmJudy Gold
Thu237 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri2410:30 pmManDudeBro
Fri2411:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2510:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Thu307 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu308 pmThe Associated Mess
December 2017
Fri16:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Fri110:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat26 pmTen Tiny Dances
Thu77 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri810:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat910:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Tue127 pmDrink n' Draw
Thu147 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu147:30 pmDarlingside
Fri1510:30 pmManDudeBro
Fri2210:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat2310:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Thu288 pmThe Associated Mess
Fri2910:30 pmManDudeBro
Fri2911:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
January 2018
Sat137:30 pmEaglemania: The World's Greatest Eagles Tribute Band
Sat277:30 pmThe Music of Simon & Garfunkel
February 2018
Fri27:30 pmThe Stranger: Billy Joel Tribute
Sat107:30 pmBroken Arrow: The Music of Neil Young