Event Schedule: Thursday, March 30, 2017

April 2017
Wed261:15 pmTheir Finest
Wed261:30 pmThe Zookeeper's Wife
Wed264:15 pmTheir Finest
Wed264:30 pmGifted
Wed267:15 pmFood Chains
Wed267:30 pmTheir Finest
Wed267:30 pmLucky Chops
Thu271:15 pmTheir Finest
Thu271:30 pmGifted
Thu274:15 pmTheir Finest
Thu274:30 pmThe Zookeeper's Wife
Thu277 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu277:15 pmTheir Finest
Thu278 pmThe Associated Mess
Thu279 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri2810:25 amRise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri2810:25 amHoover Mason Trestle Guided Tour
Fri2812 pmTheir Finest
Fri2812:15 pmColossal
Fri282:30 pmTheir Finest
Fri283:15 pmColossal
Fri285 pmTheir Finest
Fri285 pmSouthSide Arts & Music Festival
Fri286 pmCaleb Hawley
Fri286 pmColossal
Fri286 pmHenna Tattoos
Fri286 pmPablo Batista and his Latin Jazz Ensemble
Fri286 pmSarah Borges and the Broken Singles
Fri286 pmStudents of the Lesson Center
Fri286 pmSouthSide Community Weaving and Mural Projects
Fri286:30 pmPrateek Kuhad
Fri287 pmJeremiah Tall
Fri287 pmLehigh Valley Art Wars
Fri287 pmCale Tyson
Fri287 pmElement Street Bump & Barrel Jump Contest
Fri287:30 pmMotherfolk
Fri287:30 pmB.S. Movement
Fri287:45 pmTheir Finest
Fri288 pmEveryone Orchestra
Fri288 pmHector Rosado
Fri288 pmPorter & Sayles
Fri288 pmThe Ballroom Thieves
Fri288:30 pmColossal
Fri289 pmAlexis P. Suter Band
Fri289:30 pmB.S. Movement
Fri289:30 pmCaleb Hawley
Fri2810:15 pmRobert Randolph and The Family Band
Fri2810:30 pmManDudeBro
Fri2811:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2910:25 amHoover Mason Trestle Guided Tour
Sat2910:25 amRise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat2911:30 amMagic Ari the Magician
Sat2911:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat2911:45 amTheir Finest
Sat2912 pmSouthSide Pop-Up Exhibitions and Art Installations
Sat2912 pmLehigh Valley Art Wars
Sat2912 pmArtist Demonstration Tent
Sat2912 pmElement Pro Skaters All Day Skate Contests
Sat2912 pmFace Painting by Peanutbutter
Sat2912 pmSouthSide Arts & Music Festival
Sat2912 pmSouthSide Community Weaving and Mural Projects
Sat2912 pmHot Glass Experience: Millefiori Paperweight
Sat2912 pmScreen-printing Demo and Make Your Own
Sat2912 pmPainted Rock Cactus
Sat2912 pmGame of S.K.A.T.E Tricks Tournament
Sat291 pmColossal
Sat291 pmGraffiti Tape Art Workshop with Jay Walker
Sat291 pmSteampunk Inspired Jewelry Making
Sat291:30 pmCalder Mobile Creations
Sat292 pmTheir Finest
Sat293 pmMural Design Workshop with Dripped on the Road
Sat293:45 pmColossal
Sat294 pmUrban Photo Walk
Sat294:30 pmTheir Finest
Sat295 pmApril Mae and the Junebugs
Sat295 pmLehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts
Sat295 pmStudents of The Lesson Center
Sat295:30 pmAnthony Gomes
Sat295:30 pmBlair Crimmins and the Hookers
Sat296 pmFrida Kahlo Flower Crowns
Sat296 pmSing, Bird of Prey
Sat296 pmCeramic Animal
Sat296 pmHenna Tattoos
Sat296:30 pmColossal
Sat297 pmHannah Gill and the Hours
Sat297 pmTheir Finest
Sat297 pmLehigh Valley Art Wars
Sat297 pmSteve Forbert
Sat297:30 pmB.S. Movement
Sat297:30 pmGracie and Rachel
Sat298 pmThe Mighty Manatees
Sat298 pmWoodsmoke
Sat298 pmCoco Montoya
Sat299 pmBlair Crimmins and the Hookers
Sat299 pmSun Parade
Sat299:15 pmColossal
Sat299:30 pmB.S. Movement
Sat299:30 pmThe Associated Mess
Sat2910 pmRusted Root
Sat2910:30 pmThat's Historical!
Sun3010:25 amRise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun3010:25 amHoover Mason Trestle Guided Tour
Sun3011:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun3012:15 pmTheir Finest
Sun302 pmListen To Your Mother (LTYM)
Sun303:15 pmTheir Finest
Sun304 pmColossal
Sun306:30 pmTheir Finest
Sun306:45 pmColossal
May 2017
Mon14:15 pmColossal
Mon14:30 pmTheir Finest
Mon17:15 pmNeruda
Mon17:30 pmTheir Finest
Tue24:15 pmColossal
Tue24:30 pmTheir Finest
Tue27:15 pmColossal
Tue27:30 pmTheir Finest
Wed31:15 pmColossal
Wed31:30 pmTheir Finest
Wed34:15 pmColossal
Wed34:30 pmTheir Finest
Wed37:15 pmSingin’ in the Rain
Wed37:30 pmTheir Finest
Thu41:15 pmColossal
Thu41:30 pmTheir Finest
Thu44:15 pmColossal
Thu44:30 pmTheir Finest
Thu47 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu47:15 pmColossal
Thu48 pmSneak Preview Screening of Great News - with creator Tracey Wigfield
Thu49 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri56:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Fri58 pmRyan Tennis
Fri510:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat611:30 amBanana Factory Artist - Family Craft
Sat611:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat68 pmSwamp Guard
Sat68 pmThe Bethlehem Air Sex Championships
Sat69:45 pmThe First Saturday Horror Series
Sat69:45 pmThe Lost Boys
Sat610:30 pmImprovised Standup
Sun711:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun77:30 pmKevin Nealon
Tue97 pmDrink n' Draw
Wed107 pmImprov 101 with Dan Maher
Wed107:15 pmTootsie
Thu117 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu118 pmNerd Nite Bethlehem
Thu119 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri128 pmThe Coteries
Fri1210:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat1311:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat1311:30 amJason Didner & the Jungle Gym Jam
Sat138 pmSoul Folks
Sat1310:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun14The Art of The Minds Behind Dripped On The Road
Sun1410 amMother's Day Brunch
Sun1411:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun1412:45 pmMother's Day Brunch
Sun147:30 pmCaroline Rhea
Tue167:15 pmChasing Trane
Wed177:15 pmThe Seven Year Itch
Wed177:30 pmRichie Kotzen
Wed178 pmKevin Devine
Thu186:30 pmArtists Among Us: Ponder Goembel
Thu187:30 pmChris Robinson Brotherhood
Thu188 pmRyan & Steve Bust a Movie: Bloodsport
Thu189 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri199 pmPentley Holmes
Fri1910:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat2011:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat2011:30 amPonder Goembel
Sat2012:30 pmChasing Trane
Sat209 pmBig Hoax
Sat209:45 pmEraserhead
Sat2010:30 pmI'm Probably Reading Into This...
Sun219 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Sun2111:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Tue236 pmDibbs & the Detonators
Tue237:30 pmCherry Poppin’ Daddies
Wed247:15 pmBonnie and Clyde
Thu257 pmImprov 301 with Jon Lunger
Thu257 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu258 pmThe Associated Mess
Thu259 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri266 pmHot Club of Philadelphia
Fri268 pmDirty Dozen Brass Band
Fri269 pmScott Marshall
Fri2610:30 pmManDudeBro
Fri2611:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2711:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat2711:30 amThe Plants
Sat272 pmClowning for Improvisers with Shara Tonn
Sat277:30 pmPuchi Colón and Friends
Sat279 pmThe Groove Merchants
Sat2710:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun2811:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun282 pmSex and Violence with Mona Thompson
Sun289 pmZaire
Sun289 pmMona and Shara Do Something Completely Different
Wed317:15 pmIn the Heat of the Night
June 2017
Thu16 pmThe Jazz Thieves
Thu17 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu17:15 pmGrease Sing-A-Long
Thu18 pmGerald Veasley
Fri26:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Fri28 pmLotus Land – An American RUSH Tribute
Fri29 pmThe Big Drops (Duo)
Fri210:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat310 amHot Glass Experience: Snail
Sat311:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat311:30 amBear Mountain Butterfly Program
Sat39 pmAlbert Savage
Sat39:45 pmThe First Saturday Horror Series
Sat39:45 pmCarrie
Sat310:30 pmSpoiler Alert: Jurassic Park
Sun411:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun4Jay Walker: “The Steel Worker” Tape Art Installation
Sun47 pmRemember
Mon57:15 pmThe Seventh Seal
Wed77:15 pmSunset Boulevard
Thu87 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri96 pmThe Jost Project
Fri98 pmThe Royal Scam – A Tribute to Steely Dan
Fri99 pmThe House of Tuk
Fri910:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat1011:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat1011:30 amBubble Dad Live
Sat1012 pmFood Truck Border Brawl
Sat1012 pmFood Truck Border Brawl
Sat108 pmJeffrey Gaines
Sat108 pmZaire Trio
Sat109 pmBrian Posehn
Sat1010:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun1111:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Mon128 pmVal Kilmer Live Presents: CINEMA TWAIN
Tue137 pmDrink n' Draw
Tue137:30 pmWXPN Welcomes Lake Street Dive
Wed147:15 pmRebel Without a Cause
Thu157 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri166 pmGretchen & the Pickpockets
Fri168 pmOwls & Lions
Fri168 pmAaron Neville
Fri1610:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat1711:30 amRolie Polie Guacamole
Sat1711:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat1712 pmSmashQuest
Sat179 pmBlue Jean
Sat179:45 pmThe Warriors
Sun1811:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun181:30 pmImprov 201 with Matt Candio
Sun182 pmIntro to Comedy Writing with Glen Tickle
Mon197 pmImprov 101 with Matt Candio
Mon197:30 pmYuengling Summer Series: Barenaked Ladies
Wed216 pmThe Trio Named Leonard
Wed217:15 pmCasablanca
Wed217:30 pmRobert Glasper Experiment
Thu227 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu227:15 pmBullitt
Fri237:30 pmTed Vigil's John Denver Tribute
Fri2310:30 pmManDudeBro
Sat2411:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat2410:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun259 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Sun2511:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Tue276:30 pmDirty Heads / SOJA
Wed287:15 pmWest Side Story Sing-Along
Thu297 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu298 pmSplintered Sunlight Recreates 6/24/76 Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA
Thu298 pmThe Associated Mess
Fri309 pmTIOGA
Fri3011:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
July 2017
Sat111:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat18 pmMISSIO
Sat19:45 pmThe Blob (1988)
Sun211:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun29 pmWe May Be Right
Mon37:15 pmRashomon
Wed57:15 pmButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Thu67 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu67:15 pmVanishing Point
Thu68 pmSplintered Sunlight Recreates 6/28/85 Hershey Park Stadium, Hershey, PA
Fri76:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Sat811:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat811:30 amPolka Dot!
Sat810:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun911:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun97:15 pmPride and Prejudice
Sun98 pmArj Barker
Tue117 pmDrink n' Draw
Wed127:15 pmKing Kong
Thu137 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu138 pmSplintered Sunlight Recreates 7/7/89 JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA
Fri148 pmLucky
Fri148 pmNora Jane Struthers & the Party Line
Sat1511 amLucky
Sat1511:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat151 pmSangriaFest
Sat156 pmSangriaFest
Sat157:30 pmSlingshot Dakota with Ratboys
Sat159:45 pmPink Flamingos
Sun169 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Sun1611:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun165:30 pmDouble Feature: Jailhouse Rock & Viva Las Vegas
Wed197:15 pmDo The Right Thing
Thu207 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu208 pmSplintered Sunlight Recreates 3/19/95 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
Sat2211:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sat2210:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun2311:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun237:15 pmChristine
Sun237:30 pmArlo Guthrie
Wed267:15 pmJaws
Wed268 pmAndrew Bird
Thu277 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu277:30 pmHunter Hayes
Thu278 pmThe Associated Mess
Fri2811:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2911:30 amChibi Kodama Family Band
Sat2911:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun3011:30 amSteelWalkers Tours
Sun307:30 pmChristopher Titus
August 2017
Wed27:15 pmSense and Sensibility
Thu37 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Sat510:30 amMusikfest 5k
Thu177 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri188 pmCory Shelly
Fri188:30 pmMaria Bamford
Wed237:30 pmMarshall Crenshaw y Los Straitjackets
Thu247 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu247:15 pmMad Max: Fury Road BLACK & CHROME
Fri2511:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2610:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sun279 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Sun277 pmOld Dominion
Thu317 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu318 pmThe Mavericks
Thu318 pmThe Associated Mess
September 2017
Fri16:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Sat29:45 pmFaces of Death
Thu77 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri88 pmClassic Stones Live
Fri89 pmCubbage
Sat910:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Mon117:15 pmBabette's Feast
Tue127 pmDrink n' Draw
Thu147 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri158 pmBox of Rain: Essential Grateful Dead of 68-74
Fri158 pmBen Bailey
Sun179 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Sun177:15 pmThe Jane Austen Book Club
Thu217 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri227 pmGlass Blast 2017
Sat2310:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Thu287 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu288 pmThe Associated Mess
Fri297:30 pmPaul Barrere & Fred Tackett of Little Feat
Fri2911:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
October 2017
Mon27:15 pmLet The Right One In
Thu57 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri66:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Fri68 pmCraig Thatcher Band presents Eric Clapton Retrospective
Tue107 pmDrink n' Draw
Thu127 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu128 pmSteelStacks Cabaret Night
Sat1410:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Thu197 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri2011:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Thu267 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu268 pmThe Associated Mess
Fri2711:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2810:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Sat2811:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
November 2017
Thu27 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri36:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Mon67:15 pmWomen on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
Thu97 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri107:30 pmTUSK The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute
Sat1110:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Tue147 pmDrink n' Draw
Thu167 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Sat187:30 pmThe Aardvarks & The Sofa Kings
Thu237 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Fri2411:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2510:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Thu307 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Thu308 pmThe Associated Mess
December 2017
Fri16:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Thu77 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Sat910:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Tue127 pmDrink n' Draw
Thu147 pmSmartsQuest - Music & Film Trivia
Sat2310:30 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour
Thu288 pmThe Associated Mess
Fri2911:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show