The Deltaz

Sunday, July 7 · view days & times
Venue: Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks


The Deltaz have worked for over a decade to master a wide spectrum of sounds, from heavy blues and psychedelic rock to classic country and folk. Brothers John and Ted Siegel formed the band while they were still in high school, and have since gone on to headline shows across the country, play with sonic peers such as alt-country act The White Buffalo and Mississippi Blues legend Watermelon Slim, and have their music featured on CMT and MTV television shows such as “Jersey Shore” and “Party Down South.” The two have developed a special dynamic, feeding off of each other's talents to bring their energetic performances to increasingly larger audiences.

Venue Information
Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks
645 E. First Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015
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