Scott Marshall & the Highway Souls

Part of Blast Furnace Blues

Sunday, July 24 · view days & times
Venue: PNC Plaza


Every mile we go, there are good times to be had, tough times to get each other through, lessons to be learned and blessings to be shared. Popular Multi-Award Winning Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist & Entertainer Scott Marshall offers a genuine brand of Americana music that’s as inspiring as it is fast & fun, & that’s guaranteed to provide a worthy soundtrack for your journey no matter what roads life has you on. With his cast of stellar musicians known as “The Highway Souls” they take you on a ride that delivers an honest to goodness, fun filled, foot stomping, soul shaking, hand clapping good time. A ride where their rebel Rock and outlaw Country influences race side by side, often collide, and always entertains. An Americana Roadshow that takes you places we all need to go at the right time and speed. Catchy hooks, meaningful stories, soul filled vocals, guitars blazin, pedal steel cryin, saxophone, keys, banjo and a solid rhythm section to keep you goin in the right direction

Venue Information
PNC Plaza
645 E. First Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015
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