Event Schedule: Thursday, October 21, 2021

December 2021
Wed81:15 pmHouse of Gucci
Wed81:30 pmThe French Dispatch
Wed84:15 pmHouse of Gucci
Wed84:30 pmJulia
Wed86 pmBuddy the Elf Wreath Wine'd Down
Wed87 pmThe Hot Club of Philadelphia
Wed87:15 pmGorillaz: Song Machine Live From Kong
Wed87:30 pmElf
Thu912 pmThe Shop Around The Corner
Thu91 pmHouse of Gucci
Thu92:30 pmThe French Dispatch
Thu94:15 pmHouse of Gucci
Thu95 pmWest Side Story
Thu97 pmOpen Mic Night
Thu98 pmBook People: A Comedy Game Show with No Required Reading
Thu98:15 pmWest Side Story
Fri1011:30 amWest Side Story
Fri1012 pmThe Shop Around The Corner
Fri101 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri102:15 pmHouse of Gucci
Fri102:45 pmWest Side Story
Fri106 pmHouse of Gucci
Fri106:15 pmWest Side Story
Fri107 pmCorinne Mammana's Jazz in the Christmas City
Fri107:30 pmJimmy and the Parrots - A Parrot Holiday Party
Fri109:15 pmHouse of Gucci
Fri109:30 pmWest Side Story
Sat118 amBreakfast with St. Nick
Sat1111 amZoom with St. Nick
Sat1111:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat1111:30 amWest Side Story
Sat1112 pmThe Shop Around The Corner
Sat111 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat112:15 pmHouse of Gucci
Sat112:45 pmWest Side Story
Sat115:30 pmTen Tiny Dances
Sat116 pmHouse of Gucci
Sat116:15 pmWest Side Story
Sat117 pmWe 3 Band
Sat117:30 pmSwipe Right: A Dating Gameshow
Sat117:30 pmSplintered Sunlight - Grateful Dead Tribute
Sat119:15 pmHouse of Gucci
Sat119:30 pmWest Side Story
Sat119:45 pmThe Mister Sisters Presents: A Night Inside The Mister Sisters: A Cavalcade of Characters
Sun1211 amZoom with St. Nick
Sun1211:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun1211:45 amHouse of Gucci
Sun1212 pmWest Side Story
Sun121 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun123 pmHouse of Gucci
Sun123:15 pmWest Side Story
Sun126:15 pmHouse of Gucci
Sun126:30 pmWest Side Story
Mon134 pmHouse of Gucci
Mon134:15 pmWest Side Story
Mon137:15 pmHouse of Gucci
Mon137:30 pmWest Side Story
Tue144 pmHouse of Gucci
Tue144:15 pmWest Side Story
Tue147:15 pmHouse of Gucci
Tue147:30 pmWest Side Story
Wed151 pmWest Side Story
Wed151:15 pmHouse of Gucci
Wed154 pmWest Side Story
Wed154:15 pmHouse of Gucci
Wed157 pmThe Jazz Improvisation Experience
Wed157:15 pmWest Side Story
Wed157:30 pmHow The Grinch Stole Christmas
Thu1612 pmIt’s a Wonderful Life
Thu1612:30 pmWest Side Story
Thu163 pmHouse of Gucci
Thu164:15 pmWest Side Story
Thu166:30 pmHouse of Gucci
Thu167 pmOpen Mic Night
Thu167:30 pmThe Amish Outlaws
Thu167:30 pmWest Side Story
Thu169:45 pmFree Jokes! Standup Open Mic
Fri1712 pmIt’s a Wonderful Life
Fri171 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri177 pmCurious Dog
Fri177:30 pmEagleMania: The World’s Greatest Eagles Tribute
Fri1710:30 pmWhat's in the Box?!
Sat188 amBreakfast with St. Nick
Sat1811 amZoom with St. Nick
Sat1811:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat1812 pmIt’s a Wonderful Life
Sat181 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat187 pmThe Dirty Grass Players
Sat187:30 pmEagleMania: The World’s Greatest Eagles Tribute
Sun1911 amZoom with St. Nick
Sun1911:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun191 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun196 pmTed Vigil's Rocky Mountain Christmas - A Tribute to John Denver
Wed227 pmDolcetto
Wed227:30 pmNational Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Thu237 pmOpen Mic Night
Thu237:30 pmNational Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Sun2611:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun261 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun266 pmA Golden Girls Drag Christmas
Sun269 pmA Golden Girls Drag Christmas
Mon276 pmA Golden Girls Drag Christmas
Mon277 pmThe Large Flowerheads
Mon279 pmA Golden Girls Drag Christmas
Tue286 pmA Golden Girls Drag Christmas
Tue287 pmThe Stranger - A Tribute to Billy Joel
Tue289 pmA Golden Girls Drag Christmas
Wed297 pmGinger and the Schnappes
Wed299:45 pmImprovised Standup: Holiday Edition
Thu307 pmOpen Mic Night
Thu309:45 pmFree Jokes! Standup Open Mic
Fri319:30 pmNew Year's Eve with The Sofa Kings!
January 2022
Sat17:30 pmGo Go Gadjet
Fri77:30 pmThe Nerds
Sat87:30 pmRaymond the Amish Comic
Sun92 pmSketch Writing with Nick Luciano
Thu137:30 pmTaylor Hicks Performing Bob Seger's Classics and More
Thu139:45 pmFree Jokes! Standup Open Mic
Fri147:30 pmThe Weight Band
Sat157:30 pmStart Making Sense - Talking Heads Tribute
Sun162 pmStandup 101 with Roya Hamadani
Sun167 pmWe Banjo 3
Fri217:30 pmDamn The Torpedoes - A Live Tom Petty Concert Experience
Sat227:30 pmDean Ford & The Beautiful Ones – A Tribute 2 Prince
Sat227:30 pmEmma Willmann
Thu277:30 pmMotherfolk
Thu279:45 pmFree Jokes! Standup Open Mic
Sat297:30 pmBoat House Row - A Yacht Rock Experience
Sun306:15 pmAll About My Mother (Todo sobre mi madre)
February 2022
Wed27:30 pmMike Dawes & Yasmin Williams
Thu37:30 pmColin Quinn: The Last Best Hope Tour
Sat127:30 pmThe Music of Simon & Garfunkel by Swearingen & Kelli
Sat127:30 pmMarina Franklin
Sat1912 pmJudas and the Black Messiah
Fri257:30 pmThe Brit Pack
Fri258 pmTodd Barry
Sat267:30 pmMarrakesh Express - a Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young Experience
Sun276:15 pmTouki Bouki
March 2022
Thu37:30 pmJustin Willman: Magic for Humans in Person
Fri47:30 pmLauren Alaina’s TOP OF THE WORLD TOUR presented by maurices
Sat57:30 pmScythian
Sat127:30 pmThe Aardvarks
Fri257:30 pmTapestry: Tribute to Carole King
Thu317:30 pmTommy Castro & The Painkiller's 30th Anniversary Tour featuring special guest Deanna Bogart
April 2022
Fri17:30 pmThe Slackers
Fri87:30 pmSouthside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes
Fri157:30 pmKICK - The INXS Experience
Sat237:30 pmThe Linda Ronstadt Experience
May 2022
Sun157:30 pmCrash Test Dummies
August 2022
Thu116 pmKelsea Ballerini
Sat136 pmAlabama