Event Schedule: Wednesday, April 12, 2023

June 2023
Wed712:30 pmYou Hurt My Feelings
Wed71:30 pmSensory Friendly: Puss in Boots: The Last Wish
Wed72:30 pmThe Little Mermaid
Wed74:15 pmThe Little Mermaid
Wed75:30 pmYou Hurt My Feelings
Wed76:30 pmPuss in Boots: The Last Wish
Wed77:15 pmDazed and Confused (30th Anniversary)
Wed77:30 pmThe Little Mermaid
Wed77:30 pmWXPN Welcomes Bruce Cockburn with special guest Dar Williams
Thu810 amToddler Storytime
Thu81:30 pmYou Hurt My Feelings
Thu82 pmThe Little Mermaid
Thu84:30 pmYou Hurt My Feelings
Thu85 pmThe Little Mermaid
Thu87:30 pmUnknown Planet Mystery Screening
Thu87:30 pmJackson Pines
Thu88 pmImprov House Teams
Thu89 pmThe Jam Experience
Fri91 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri91:30 pmThe Little Mermaid
Fri92 pmSomewhere in Queens
Fri94:30 pmThe Little Mermaid
Fri95 pmIt Ain't Over
Fri97:30 pmThe Outcrops
Fri97:30 pmThe Little Mermaid
Fri98 pmSomewhere in Queens
Fri99 pmThe Wonton Soups
Sat1011:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat1011:30 amFlag Day
Sat1012 pmThe Little Mermaid
Sat1012:15 pmIt Ain't Over
Sat101 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat102:30 pmSomewhere in Queens
Sat103 pmThe Little Mermaid
Sat105 pmThe Little Mermaid
Sat106 pmIt Ain't Over
Sat107:30 pmDrew Angus
Sat108 pmThe Little Mermaid
Sat108:30 pmSomewhere in Queens
Sat109 pmThe TRiBE
Sun1111 amMercy Vegan Pop-Up Market
Sun1111:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun1112:15 pmThe Little Mermaid
Sun1112:45 pmIt Ain't Over
Sun111 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun113:15 pmThe Little Mermaid
Sun113:45 pmSomewhere in Queens
Sun116:15 pmLittle Richard: I Am Everything
Sun116:30 pmThe Little Mermaid
Sun117 pmBadfish with special guest Artikal Sound System
Mon124:15 pmThe Little Mermaid
Mon124:30 pmSomewhere in Queens
Mon127:15 pmThe Little Mermaid
Mon127:30 pmIt Ain't Over
Tue134:15 pmThe Little Mermaid
Tue134:30 pmIt Ain't Over
Tue137:15 pmThe Little Mermaid
Tue137:30 pmSomewhere in Queens
Tue138 pmFree Jokes! Standup Open Mic
Wed141:15 pmIt Ain't Over
Wed141:30 pmThe Little Mermaid
Wed144:15 pmSomewhere in Queens
Wed144:30 pmThe Little Mermaid
Wed147:15 pmDirty Dancing
Wed147:30 pmThe Little Mermaid
Thu151:15 pmSomewhere in Queens
Thu151:30 pmThe Little Mermaid
Thu154:15 pmIt Ain't Over
Thu154:30 pmThe Little Mermaid
Thu156 pmFree Community Art Workshop!
Thu157:30 pmThe Chiclettes
Thu157:30 pmThe Little Mermaid
Thu158 pmImprov House Teams
Thu159 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri161 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri166 pmFree Community Art Workshop!
Fri167:30 pmBuffalo Rose
Fri169 pmSmooth Retsina Glow
Fri169:30 pmTwo Show Show: Pigeon City’s Greatest Hits and Bit Shows
Fri1611 pmSatanic Hispanics
Sat1711:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat1712 pmJuneteenth Lehigh Valley
Sat171 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat177:30 pmHenry & the Reggae Rockers
Sat179 pmDJ Jamal Knight
Sat179:30 pmDamon Sumner
Sun1811:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun181 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun185:30 pmThe Great Escape (60th Anniversary)
Sun187 pmMelody Gardot
Tue207 pmImprov Drop-In with Matt Candio
Wed211:30 pmSensory Friendly: The Lego Batman Movie
Wed216 pmLa Princesa Productions Fundraiser
Wed216:30 pmThe Lego Batman Movie
Wed217:15 pmFrom Here to Eternity (70th Anniversary)
Thu227 pmGrateful Dead Meet-Up At The Movies 2023
Thu227:30 pmHotel Fiction
Thu228 pmBlake Wexler at Bear Creek
Thu228 pmImprov JAM-BER-EE
Thu229 pmThe Jam Experience
Fri231 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri237:30 pmHerencia Jibara
Fri238 pmClassic Stones Live - The Complete Rolling Stones Tribute Show
Fri239:30 pmTeacher's Lounge
Sat2411:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat241 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat247:30 pmLittle Johnny Rivero and his Salsa Band
Sat249:45 pmMind Game
Sun2511:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun251 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun255 pmSynced Up
Sun255:30 pmGrateful Dead Meet-Up At The Movies 2023
Tue277:30 pmMarc Broussard
Tue278 pmFree Jokes! Standup Open Mic
Wed281:30 pmSensory Friendly: Mulan (25th Anniversary)
Wed286:30 pmMulan (25th Anniversary)
Wed287:15 pmEnter the Dragon (50th Anniversary)
Thu297:30 pmMotherfolk
Thu298 pmImprov House Teams
Thu298 pmSquirrel Nut Zippers
Thu299 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri301 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri307:30 pmGarth.
Fri308 pmDraggin' with the Divas
Fri309 pmGinger and the Schnappes
Fri3011:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
July 2023
Sat111:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat112 pmOne Earth ReggaeFest
Sat11 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat19:30 pmCracking Up In the Valley™ - Sizzling Summer Night
Sat19:45 pmPiranha
Sun211:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun21 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Tue43:30 pmSing for America
Tue43:30 pmIndependence Day presented by Embassy Bank
Tue45:30 pmJohn DeRosa
Tue47 pmArtsQuest Members' Fourth of July Fireworks Party
Tue47:30 pmThe Allentown Band
Tue49 pmTavern Tan
Wed51:30 pmSensory Friendly: Paddington 2
Wed56:30 pmPaddington 2
Wed57:15 pmA Place in the Sun
Thu67 pmFrida (Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo!)
Thu67:30 pmKyshona
Thu69 pmThe Jam Experience
Fri71 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri77:30 pmErin & the Wildfire
Fri79:30 pmWe're Good, You're Great
Sat811:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat81 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat87:30 pmGrace Kelly
Sat89 pmPepperwine
Sat89:30 pmSynced Up
Sun911:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun91 pmTacoFest
Sun91 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Mon109 amImprov for Medical Professionals
Tue118 pmMat Kearney
Wed121:30 pmSensory Friendly: The Princess and the Frog
Wed126:30 pmThe Princess and the Frog
Wed127:15 pmDo the Right Thing
Thu137:30 pmBassel & the Supernaturals
Thu138 pmImprov House Teams
Thu139 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri141 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri147:30 pmMorgan James
Fri149 pmGinger and the Schnappes
Fri149:30 pmNate Marshall
Sat1511 amVet Fest
Sat1511:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat151 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat157:30 pmNight Train - The Guns n' Roses Tribute Experience
Sun169 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Sun1611 amVet Fest
Sun1611:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun161 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Mon177 pmImprov 101 Grad Show
Wed191:30 pmSensory Friendly: Encanto
Wed196 pmImprov for Medical Professionals
Wed196:30 pmEncanto
Wed197:15 pmThe Birds (60th Anniversary)
Thu206:30 pmImprov 301 Grad Show
Thu207:30 pmDe Tierra Caliente
Thu208 pmImprov JAM-BER-EE
Thu209 pmThe Jam Experience
Fri211 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri216 pmDuwayne Burnside
Fri217:30 pmBywater Call
Fri219 pmBC Blue
Sat2211:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat221 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat224 pmThe Nighthawks
Sat226 pmLionel Young
Sat227:30 pmThe Sensational Barnes Brothers
Sat229 pmChris Pierce
Sat229:30 pmQueen Conch and the Case of the Missing Pasties: A Sexy Whodunit
Sun2311:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun231 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun234 pmJohn Primer
Sun236 pmKelly Bell Band
Sun236:15 pmUnknown Planet Mystery Screening
Sun237:30 pmToronzo Cannon
Tue257:30 pmIntro to Standup Grad Show
Wed261:30 pmSensory Friendly: Moana
Wed266:30 pmMoana
Wed267 pmImprov Drop-In with Cindy Marsh
Wed267:15 pmJaws
Thu277:30 pmSons of Mystro
Thu278 pmImprov House Teams
Thu279 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri281 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri287:30 pmArgonaut & Wasp
Fri288 pmRuthie Foster
Sat2911:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat291 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat294 pmRiverbend Community Church
Sat295 pmKings and Priests
Sat296:15 pmJeremy Harkins
Sat297:30 pmRyan Stevenson
Sat299 pmGabriela Bencosme
Sat299:45 pmPromare
Sun3011:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun301 pmRise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun306:15 pmBicycle Thieves (75th Anniversary)
August 2023
Wed21:30 pmSensory Friendly: Frozen (10th Anniversary)
Wed26:30 pmFrozen (10th Anniversary)
Wed27:15 pmStand By Me
Thu36 pmAJR
Fri46 pmWalk The Moon
Sun66 pmDan + Shay
Mon76 pmWalker Hayes
Tue86 pmKeith Sweat & Monica
Wed96 pmGOO GOO DOLLS – The Big Night Out Tour
Thu106:30 pmGabriel Iglesias
Fri116 pmEl Gran Combo
Sat126 pmMaren Morris
Sun136 pmTrain
Wed167 pmImprov 201 with Justin Passino
Thu178 pmImprov JAM-BER-EE
Fri187:30 pmFlow Tribe
Fri188 pmMr. Speed - World’s Best KISS Tribute
Sat197:30 pmReservoir Hill
Tue227 pmImprov Drop-In with Christy Devlin
Wed237:15 pmUnknown Planet Mystery Screening
Thu247:30 pmCelisse
Thu249 pmThe Jam Experience
Fri257:30 pmBumpin' Uglies
Fri258 pmLotus Land - American Rush Tribute
Sat267 pmBorn in Flames (40th Anniversary)
Sat267:30 pmLevitt National Tour presents La Santa Cecilia
Sat268 pmLotus Land - American Rush Tribute
Sun279 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Thu317:30 pmCertainly So
Thu319 pmOpen Mic Night
September 2023
Fri17:30 pmMagical Mystery Doors
Sat27:30 pmChatham Rabbits
Sat28 pmWho's Bad - The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience
Sat29:45 pmDer Fan
Thu77:30 pmSouthern Avenue
Thu79 pmThe Jam Experience
Fri87:30 pmMetalachi
Sat97:30 pmThe Aardvarks
Sat98 pmBrooklyn Charmers - The Music of Steely Dan
Mon117 pmSketch 101 with Jiah Peck
Tue127:30 pmThe High Kings
Thu147 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri157:30 pmChris Franjola
Fri159:30 pmChris Franjola
Sat167:30 pmMouth Full Monologues
Sun179 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley
Wed207:15 pmUnknown Planet Mystery Screening
Wed208 pmBORIS and MELVINS
Thu217 pmThe Jam Experience
Sat237:30 pmThere, There - Tribute to Radiohead
Wed277 pmImprov 201 Grad Show
Thu287 pmOpen Mic Night
Thu288 pmJay Pharoah
October 2023
Thu57 pmThe Jam Experience
Fri67:30 pmThe Sixties Show
Wed117 pmBit
Thu127 pmOpen Mic Night
Tue177:30 pmSketch 101 Grad Show
Thu197 pmThe Jam Experience
Thu267 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri277:30 pmSuzanne Westenhoefer
Sun291 pm2nd Annual Jason Kutt Legacy Event, Party at the SteelStacks
Sun292 pmLehigh Valley Medium
November 2023
Thu27 pmThe Jam Experience
Thu95 pmThe Linny Awards
Sat117:30 pmBoat House Row - A Yacht Rock Experience
Sat117:30 pmJen Kober
Thu167 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri177:30 pmThe Ledbetters & Superunknown - Tributes to Pearl Jam & Chris Cornell
Fri178 pmNashville Meets Bethlehem: An All-Local, Nashville-Style Songwriter Night at SteelStacks
Sat187:30 pmThe Aardvarks
Thu237 pmThe Jam Experience
Fri247:30 pmTusk - The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute
Sat257:30 pmTusk - The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute
Thu307 pmOpen Mic Night
Thu307:30 pmTOP OF THE WORLD - A Carpenters Tribute
December 2023
Fri17:30 pmThe Stranger - Billy Joel Tribute Featuring Mike Santoro
Thu77 pmThe Jam Experience
Thu147 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri157:30 pmEagleMania - The World’s Greatest Eagles Tribute Band
Sat167:30 pmEagleMania - The World’s Greatest Eagles Tribute Band
Thu217 pmThe Jam Experience
Thu287 pmOpen Mic Night