Event Schedule: Tuesday, July 4, 2023

June 2024
Tue184:15 pmThe Dead Don't Hurt
Tue184:30 pmBabes
Tue187:15 pmEzra
Tue187:30 pmEvil Does Not Exist
Wed191:15 pmEzra
Wed191:30 pmElemental
Wed194:15 pmThe Dead Don't Hurt
Wed194:30 pmEvil Does Not Exist
Wed196:30 pmElemental (Outdoor Screening)
Wed197:15 pmWho Framed Roger Rabbit
Wed197:30 pmBabes
Wed198 pmAlana Springsteen
Thu2011:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Thu204:15 pmEzra
Thu204:30 pmBabes
Thu207:15 pmUnknown Planet Mystery Screening
Thu207:30 pmRumours ATL: A Fleetwood Mac Tribute
Thu209 pmJazz Jam
Fri211 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri211:30 pmThe Bikeriders
Fri212 pmGhostlight
Fri214:30 pmThe Bikeriders
Fri215 pmGhostlight
Fri217:30 pmSounds of the Underground: Songwriters of Eastern PA
Fri217:30 pmThe Bikeriders
Fri218 pmGhostlight
Fri218 pmCraig Thatcher Band - An Eric Clapton Retrospective
Fri219 pmThe Beautiful Distortion and Hot4Robot
Fri219:30 pmTwo Show Show: Big Check & Naughty by Nurture
Sat2211:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat2212 pmGhostlight
Sat2212:30 pmThe Bikeriders
Sat221 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat221:30 pmSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat222:30 pmGhostlight
Sat223 pmThe Bikeriders
Sat225 pmGhostlight
Sat225:30 pmThe Bikeriders
Sat227:30 pmMargo Cilker
Sat228 pmThe Bikeriders
Sat229:15 pmStefanie Johnson Band
Sat229:30 pmPigeon City: Unhatched Sketch
Sun2311:30 amGhostlight
Sun2311:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun2312:15 pmThe Bikeriders
Sun231 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun231:30 pmSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun231:30 pmSpecial Olympics Kids' Soccer Clinic
Sun232 pmGhostlight
Sun233 pmDOMINATE the 18 Youth Goalkeeping Clinic
Sun233:15 pmThe Bikeriders
Sun234:15 pmYouth Soccer Skills Clinic
Sun234:30 pmGhostlight
Sun236 pmSoccerFest 2024: Copa América Watch Party - US vs. Bolivia
Sun236:15 pmPride and Prejudice w/ Programming Specialist Addyson Young
Sun236:55 pmThe Bikeriders
Mon244:15 pmThe Bikeriders
Mon244:30 pmGhostlight
Mon247:15 pmThe Bikeriders
Mon247:30 pmGhostlight
Tue254:15 pmThe Bikeriders
Tue254:30 pmGhostlight
Tue257:15 pmThe Bikeriders
Tue257:30 pm"Warm-Up" Comedy Open Mic Night
Tue257:30 pmGhostlight
Wed261 pmGhostlight
Wed261:30 pmToy Story 2 (25th Anniversary)
Wed263:30 pmThe Bikeriders
Wed264:30 pmGhostlight
Wed266:15 pmMovie Talk Seminar: Rear Window w/ Professor Bob Kilker
Wed266:30 pmToy Story 2 (25th Anniversary) (Outdoor Screening)
Wed267:15 pmRear Window (70th Anniversary)
Wed267:30 pmThe Bikeriders
Thu2711:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Thu273 pmGhostlight
Thu274 pmThe Bikeriders
Thu275:30 pmGhostlight
Thu276 pm¡Sabor! Latin Festival
Thu276 pmSoccerFest 2024: Copa América Watch Party - US vs. Panama
Thu277:15 pmThe Bikeriders
Thu278 pmImprov House Teams - Summer 2024
Thu278 pmHerencia Jibara
Fri281 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri281 pmKinds of Kindness
Fri284:15 pmKinds of Kindness
Fri285:30 pm¡Sabor! Latin Festival
Fri287:45 pmKinds of Kindness
Fri288 pmCombo Melaza
Fri289:30 pmTwo Show Show: Model Citizen & Staycation
Fri289:55 pmKinds of Kindness
Fri2811:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2911 amKinds of Kindness
Sat2911:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat291 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat291:30 pmSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat292:45 pmKinds of Kindness
Sat294 pm¡Sabor! Latin Festival
Sat294:45 pmKinds of Kindness
Sat298 pmKinds of Kindness
Sat298 pmHéctor Rosado Master Percussionist Pablo Batista and guest vocalist Luisito Rosario
Sun3011:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun3012 pmKinds of Kindness
Sun301 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun301:30 pmSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun303:15 pmKinds of Kindness
Sun306:30 pmKinds of Kindness
Sun307 pmCopa 71
July 2024
Mon11 pmArtsQuest & Lehigh Valley United Youth 3v3 Tournament
Mon14 pmKinds of Kindness
Mon17 pmKinds of Kindness
Mon19 pmSoccerFest 2024: Copa América Watch Party - US vs. Uruguay
Tue24 pmKinds of Kindness
Tue27 pmKinds of Kindness
Tue27 pmBruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers — Spirit Trail: 25th Anniversary Tour
Tue27:30 pm"Warm-Up" Comedy Open Mic Night
Wed31:30 pmTangled
Wed34 pmKinds of Kindness
Wed36:30 pmTangled (Outdoor Screening)
Wed37 pmKinds of Kindness
Wed37:15 pmSabrina (70th Anniversary)
Thu411:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Thu412 pmKinds of Kindness
Thu43 pmKinds of Kindness
Thu43:30 pmIndependence Day
Thu43:30 pmJohn DeRosa Band
Thu45:30 pmHydraulic Lime
Thu46 pmKinds of Kindness
Thu47 pmFourth of July Fireworks Watch Party
Thu47:30 pmThe Allentown Band
Thu49:30 pmBig Bone Daddy
Fri51 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri57:30 pmBandits on the Run
Fri59 pmMelody Cruz and the Keystones
Fri59:30 pmWe're Good, You're Great
Sat611:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat612 pmOne Earth ReggaeFest
Sat61 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat61:30 pmSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat68:30 pmLong Beach Dub Allstars
Sat69:30 pmTwo Show Show: Throw Like a Girl & We Love Dogs!
Sat69:45 pmEyes Without a Face
Sun711:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun71 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun71:30 pmSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun76:30 pmHappy Gilmore w/ Programming Coordinator Amber Hoppes
Tue97 pmImprov 101 with Stu Shaw
Tue98 pmThunderdome
Wed107 pmmoe.
Wed107:15 pmCrooklyn (30th Anniversary)
Thu1111:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Thu117:30 pmStella Ruze
Thu118 pmImprov House Teams - Summer 2024
Thu119 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri121 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri126 pmEarth to Mars: The Bruno Mars Experience
Fri127:30 pmA Night of Sinatra with Rich DiMare & The Ron Poster Trio
Fri128 pmThe Record Company - Roll With It Tour
Fri129 pmFlirtin with the Mob
Fri129:30 pmBig Check & Naughty by Nurture
Sat1311:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat131 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat131:30 pmSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat136 pmEagleMania: World's Greatest Eagles Tribute Band
Sat137:30 pmJordan St. Cyr
Sat138 pmKASHMIR - Classic Zeppelin Live
Sat139:30 pmImprovised Standup
Sun149 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley presented by Koch Automotive Group
Sun1411:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun141 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun141:30 pmSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun142 pmSteel Stilettos Burlesques Workshop: Unleash Your Inner Showgirl
Sun146:15 pmThe Talented Mr. Ripley (25th Anniversary)
Tue167:30 pmMovie Talk: Diego Maradona - Virtual Program
Tue168 pmThe Improv JAM-BER-EE
Wed171:30 pmLilo & Stitch
Wed176:30 pmLilo & Stitch (Outdoor Screening)
Wed177 pmImprov 201 with Matt Candio
Wed177:15 pmThe Notebook (20th Anniversary)
Thu1811:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Thu187:30 pmHappy Landing
Thu189 pmJazz Jam
Fri191 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri195 pmEden Brent
Fri196:30 pmBedlam Blues
Fri197:30 pmThe Harlem Gospel Travelers
Fri199 pmTony Holiday
Fri199:30 pmSynced Up
Sat2010 amSteel City Smokeout Barbeque Classes with Moe Cason and Bob Trudnak
Sat2011:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat2012 pmThe Steel City Smokeout
Sat201 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat201:30 pmSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat202 pmNate Myers and the Aces
Sat203 pmSierra Green and the Giants
Sat204:30 pmThe SlideWinder Blues
Sat205:30 pmThe Skyla Burell Band
Sat206:30 pmEddie Davis & Blues Anatomy
Sat207:30 pmAnnika Chambers and Paul DesLauriers
Sat208 pmYou're Gonna Hate This: A Mystery Movie Watch-Along
Sat209 pmJump, Jive, and Wail
Sun2111:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun211 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun211:30 pmSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun216:30 pmUnknown Planet Mystery Screening
Tue237:30 pm"Warm-Up" Comedy Open Mic Night
Wed241:30 pmThe Incredibles (20th Anniversary)
Wed246:30 pmThe Incredibles (20th Anniversary) (Outdoor Screening)
Wed247:15 pmCreature from the Black Lagoon (70th Anniversary)
Thu2511:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Thu257:30 pmTerrance Simien and the Zydeco Experience
Thu257:30 pmThe Terminator (40th Anniversary) - Art House Theater Day
Thu258 pmImprov House Teams - Summer 2024
Thu259 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri261 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Fri265 pmBarbarella
Fri267:15 pmThe Edge of Tomorrow (10th Anniversary)
Fri267:30 pmLevitt National Tour Presents: The War And Treaty
Fri268 pmRichard Thompson
Fri269:45 pmThe Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (40th Anniversary)
Fri2611:30 pmThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat2711:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat2712 pmNausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (40th Anniversary)
Sat271 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sat271:30 pmSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat272:30 pmAfter Yang
Sat274:45 pmGalaxy Quest (25th Anniversary)
Sat277 pmTimecrimes
Sat277:30 pmBrandon “Taz” Niederauer
Sat277:30 pmChance Emerson
Sat279 pmIan Patrick Band
Sat279:30 pmAliya's Slumber Party Stand-Up Showcase
Sat279:45 pmRepo Man (40th Anniversary)
Sun2811:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun2812 pmThe Day the Earth Stood Still
Sun281 pmThe Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour
Sun281:30 pmSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun282:30 pmAnnihilation
Sun285 pmSpace is the Place (50th Anniversary)
Sun287 pmThey Live w/ Programming Assistant Sarah Bess
Mon296:30 pmIntro to Standup with Glen Tickle Grad Show
Tue307:30 pm"Warm-Up" Comedy Open Mic Night
Wed316:15 pmMovie Talk Seminar: Jaws w/ Professor Tim Molchany
Wed317:15 pmJaws
August 2024
Thu110 amMusikfest Music Industry and Education Conference
Thu11:30 pmSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Thu16 pmGreta Van Fleet
Fri210 amMusikfest Music Industry and Education Conference
Fri25:30 pmSugar Ray, Better Than Ezra and Tonic
Sat311:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat31:30 pmSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sat36 pmShinedown
Sun411:30 amSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun41:30 pmSteelworkers’ Archives Walking Tours
Sun46 pmJowell & Randy
Mon55:15 pmSLASH – S.E.R.P.E.N.T. Festival
Tue66 pmOld Dominion
Wed76 pmLynyrd Skynyrd: Celebrating 50 Years
Thu86 pmBlack Eyed Peas
Fri96 pmBig Time Rush
Sat106 pmLudacris
Sun115:30 pmZZ Top
Thu157:15 pmUnknown Planet Mystery Screening
Thu158 pmSlaughter Beach, Dog
Thu159 pmJazz Jam
Fri167:30 pmThe McCharmly's
Fri168 pmHouse Party
Sat177 pmReality Bites (30th Anniversary)
Sat177:30 pmPatty PerShayla and the Mayhaps
Sat179:30 pmIf We Were Married...
Sat179:45 pmThe Texas Chain Saw Massacre (50th Anniversary)
Tue207:30 pmMovie Talk: Gotta Kick It Up - Virtual Program
Wed211:30 pmWonka
Wed216:30 pmWonka (Outdoor Screening)
Thu227 pmMacie on a Good Day (10th Anniversary)
Thu227:30 pmBettySoo
Thu229 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri237:30 pmEmily Wolfe
Fri238 pmDrake White
Sat247 pmSpeed (30th Anniversary)
Sat247:30 pmGina Chavez
Sat249:30 pmThe Swifties: A Taylor Swift Inspired Improv Comedy Show
Sun259 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley presented by Koch Automotive Group
Sun256:15 pmGrease 2 w/ Programming Assistant Natalie Osborne
Wed287 pmGlitter & Doom
Thu297:30 pmSkerryvore
Fri307:30 pmAdrian and Meredith
Fri308 pmKing Buzzo & Trevor Dunn
Sat317:30 pmAbsolute Adele with Jennifer Cella
Sat317:30 pmMarrakesh Express - a Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young Experience
September 2024
Sun17:30 pmGable Price and Friends
Thu57:30 pmLos Texmaniacs
Thu58 pmThunderdome
Thu59 pmJazz Jam
Fri67:30 pmARKAI
Fri68 pmVanessa Collier
Sat77:30 pmAnthem: A Tribute to Rush
Sat78 pmBilly Bauer Band - A Tribute to Dave Matthews Band
Sun87 pmBand of Horses & City and Colour
Tue106:30 pmImprov 101 with Stu Shaw Grad Show
Tue107 pmMovements
Thu127:30 pmJenny & the Mexicats
Thu129 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri137:30 pmReverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
Sat147:30 pmThe Aardvarks
Sun1512 pmThe Cold Brew Hullabaloo
Sun158:30 pmBob Mould Solo Electric
Tue178 pmThe Improv JAM-BER-EE
Wed186:30 pmImprov 201 with Matt Candio Grad Show
Thu197:30 pmDavid Nihill: Shelf Help
Thu197:30 pm8 Mile
Thu198 pmTeacher's Lounge
Thu199 pmJazz Jam
Fri207:30 pmStart Making Sense - a Tribute to Talking Heads
Sun229 amCars & Coffee Lehigh Valley presented by Koch Automotive Group
Thu269 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri277:30 pmCash Unchained: The Ultimate Johnny Cash Tribute
Sat287:30 pmTwilight: New Poon a Drag & Burlesque Tribute to the Twilight Series
Sun291 pmPizzafest
October 2024
Thu38 pmThunderdome
Thu39 pmJazz Jam
Wed97 pmPan’s Labyrinth: A Guillermo del Toro 60th Birthday Celebration
Thu107 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri118 pmPaula Poundstone
Tue158 pmThe Improv JAM-BER-EE
Thu178 pmTeacher's Lounge
Thu179 pmJazz Jam
Fri187:30 pmRed NOT Chili Peppers
Sat197:30 pmWhatever Fate Decides
Wed237 pmJoe Pera: The PERAs Tour
Thu247 pmJoe Pera: The PERAs Tour
Thu247 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri258 pmLaura Merli & Freddy G: The Awkward Route Tour
Thu318 pmThunderdome
Thu318 pmEmo Kids Halloween Show
November 2024
Fri17:30 pmPinky Patel: #isaidwhatisaid Tour
Sat212 pmCoco
Thu75 pmThe Linny Awards
Thu79 pmJazz Jam
Fri87:30 pmThe Ledbetters & Superunknown - Tributes to Pearl Jam & Chris Cornell
Tue128 pmThe Improv JAM-BER-EE
Wed137:15 pmBoyz n the Hood
Thu147 pmOpen Mic Night
Thu148 pmTeacher's Lounge
Fri157:30 pmBoat House Row - A Yacht Rock Experience
Sat167:30 pmBoat House Row - A Yacht Rock Experience
Wed207:30 pmCoco Montoya
Thu217:30 pmBumpin Uglies - Lyrics Over Everything Tour
Thu219 pmJazz Jam
Fri228 pmOut of Towners with Kirk Griffiths and Friends
Sat237:30 pmThe Aardvarks
Fri297:30 pmTUSK - The World’s #1 Tribute to Fleetwood Mac
Sat307:30 pmTUSK - The World’s #1 Tribute to Fleetwood Mac
December 2024
Thu57 pmOpen Mic Night
Thu59 pmJazz Jam
Fri67:30 pmRock This Town Orchestra - The Ultimate and Only BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA Tribute Band
Thu128 pmThunderdome
Fri137:30 pmMAGICAL MYSTERY DOORS - Beatles, Zeppelin, Doors Tribute
Sat147:30 pmMAGICAL MYSTERY DOORS - Beatles, Zeppelin, Doors Tribute
Sun157:30 pmScythian: The Ugly Christmas Sweater Show
Tue178 pmThe Improv JAM-BER-EE
Thu198 pmTeacher's Lounge
Thu199 pmJazz Jam
Sun227 pmThe Sensational Soul Cruisers
Thu267 pmOpen Mic Night
Fri277:30 pmSteal Your Peach
Sat287:30 pmThe Sofa Kings All-Stars Reunion Show
Sun297:30 pmPhiladelphia Funk Authority
Mon307:30 pmThe Weekenders
January 2025
Fri177:30 pmDamn The Torpedoes - Tom Petty Concert Experience
Sat257 pmTapestry: The Music of Carole King
February 2025
Sat87:30 pmDirty Deeds - The AC/DC Experience
Fri287:30 pmDwayne Gretzky
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