First Saturday Horror Series

The screenings take place the first Saturday of every month at 9:45 pm.

Since the earliest days of cinema, the horror genre has captivated, terrified, and often served as a mirror to the fears plaguing society. The First Saturday Horror Series, curated by Lauren Tocci and Ryan Tocci, is dedicated to honoring that tradition and this innovative genre’s rich history by highlighting the ways horror cinema has changed and evolved, as well as its wide and diverse scope, from the first reels of celluloid to the digital age.

From your favorites to the deepest of cuts, The First Saturday Horror Series will deliver the stuff of nightmares that has long thrilled, captivated and enriched the horror community.


Curator Bios

Ryan Tocci


Ryan W. Tocci is a Bethlehem native who works in the financial sector by day, but whose passion lives in the dreams of storytelling. Influenced deeply at an early age by his parents, he is an avid lover of cinema. Ryan can be heard as co- host of the How Could You?! film podcast with his favorite theater date and wife Lauren discussing their passion for film. He is also co-curator with Lauren for the First Saturday Horror Series at Frank Banko Alehouse Cinemas. When he finds the time, Ryan loves to write. Additionally, Ryan works as a producer and part of the creative team with Jarden Films.

Lauren Tocci


Lauren Tocci is a veteran public high school teacher and a PhD student at Lehigh University. She serves as a member of the cinema committee at Frank Banko Alehouse Cinemas, co-curates the First Saturday Horror Series, and dedicates her time to the celebration of arthouse cinemas. Lauren completed her bachelor’s degree and M.A. at Kutztown University where she studied found footage horror cinema. When she isn’t in a cool dark movie theater, she co-hosts, How Could You?! a film podcast with her husband Ryan.