Sensory Friendly Summer Family Movie Series

This summer, ArtsQuest is presenting a free sensory-friendly film series geared toward children with autism.

These films will play every Wednesday from June 12 through August 28 (with exceptions on the July 4th holiday and on August 8, due to Musikfest) at 1:30 p.m. in our Red Cinema. As with all free public screenings in the cinemas, interested patrons will need to reserve tickets at the box office so we can make sure that we do not put more people in the cinema than it can hold.

Please reserve tickets by calling 610-332-3378 or in person at the ArtsQuest Center Box Office.

These screenings will be specifically geared towards children with autism in that:

  • House lights will stay on, though dimmed.
  • Volume will be slightly lower than a regular screening.
  • There will be no previews.
  • Families with special dietary needs will be allowed to bring food from home.
  • Walking/strolling during the movie is okay.
  • Talking during the movie is okay.
  • Stimming (self-regulating behavior) is encouraged.

If you have any questions regarding these screenings, please write to ArtsQuest Programming Director Ryan Hill at